Self-care Rituals for Spring

Self-care Rituals for Spring

It was a long Winter. Daylight savings has changed over to longer days. Easter just passed! Let’s come alive for Spring and take it into Summer. I’ve had a lot of anxious moments due to personal and professional changes this past month, heck the past few months and ultimately this last year we’ve all been through something… I know I’m not alone in that, however we’re here, we’re alive and well in the now. Therefore doing things that bring peace in the present is a gift. Taking care of self is truly something to be savored. It’s in the little things and those things add up. Of course we don’t always have all the time in the world to do all the things so if we can only take a certain day(s) then honor that. It can be a Wednesday night, a Friday afternoon or a Sunday morning before starting your day. Whatever works, just put it on your calendar or reminder list and do it, take the time. So with that, here are a few ideas of what I do to honor self-care and where I’m at in the moment.

  • Listening to music from Spotify or Pandora on my TV first thing upon awaking. Lately I start off with Mahalia Jackson to get my spirit going but after that it’s usually neosoul but sometimes I need a little more kick, like Kendrick Lamar or something that expresses my West Coast roots to get my flow.
  • Sheetmask and breathe because there’s nothing like a soothing serum-y sheet mask first thing in the AM. I wash my face with the gentle Epicuren Apricot Cream Cleanser in the mornings, open up a sheet mask like one from Lapcos, put it on my face then prop up on my pillows in bed or choose a favorite comfy spot then just chill for 10 minutes. This may have to be your weekend thing or whatever day you have off so you make the time and savor it. I personally prefer sheet masking in the day because you can show off that hydrated glow but this can be done at night as well. So light your favorite scented candle, focus on the breath and relax.
  • Bath time is a great place to only do you in the sense that all you can do is be present, become grounded and nurturing of your mind and body. Not to mention with the right products bath water can be purifying and exfoliating. Just know as a woman you don’t want too much in your bath water due to our vaginal health, which is why I keep it simple with Epsom salt and maybe some essential oils. This is something I am working to take more time to do and if feels good. The body kit from Epicuren comes with a tropical lave body wash, kukui coconut after bath and coconut hydrating milk, all of which excite the senses as well as being a divine option to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin in conjunction with your bath soak.
  • Smoothing and Juicing is something I’ve started doing for two meals a day for 2-3 days a week. This gives my digestive system a rest from all the food I ate in the past week and a fresh start for the new week since I start it on Monday’s. I’d like to say I spend time finding all the ingredients at the farmers market and making it myself but that is enough to make me not want to do it, at least not consistently so I go to Arden’s Garden and get my juices on Monday’s.
  • Neflix and chill on my own. Currently binging on the Jenni Rivera story. She’s a Mexican American Banda singer that endured a lot in life but kept moving on and kicking ass in success. That woman was a warrior and very inspiring. I do have to take breaks from it with lighter shows in between because her life was so intense and the show is so real, the acting is great. It is in Spanish, so I also have to read all the subtitles so it’s a bit exhausting but so good!
  • Walking at least 20 minutes a day (but 45 to an hour is better at least 3 days out of the week) on treadmill and/or in nature. I should hope I can manage to get anything accomplished within this timeframe. If that’s all you can do or feel like doing at least it adds up for the week so keep with it as much as you can. Add a little yoga routine or light stretching afterwards makes it revitalizing.
  • Time with my favorite person just being makes me happy.
  • Phone time to check in with friends and fam. Keep your social skills up. It’s nice to catch up.
  • Time talking to God at least once weekly in the mornings and at night and/or whenever inspired to do so on any random day or moment as needed. Faith over fear.


Lysandra Joy

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or if any self-care ideas to add. Send ’em!