“Wow! I was so impressed with Lysandra! She has such amazing creativity and talent. She even brought an on location makeup chair for me to sit in as she did her magic! She did both my makeup and styling for our yoga inspired shoot. Her selections were fantastic, absolutely spot on. She stayed for the whole shoot, over 4 hours, with the photographer and I, and touched up makeup and styled as we went from location to location. Lysandra did an outstanding job,. I am looking forward to working with her again soon!”

Colleen Kuhn, Model/Client in San Diego, Ca

“Lysandra was the makeup artist on our film shoot. She did a great job on the cast. She’s professional and skilled. I really like her work; I’m looking forward to working with her again on upcoming projects. I highly recommend her services.”

James (JR) P., Screenwriter in San Diego, Ca

“Lysandra has been my go to girl anytime my clients need a makeup artist or stylist. Not only is she extremely talented but her efficiency is on point. I highly recommend her services you won’t be disappointed.”

Valerie Pineda, Freelance Wardrobe Stylist in Los Angeles, Ca

“Very original and talented MUA! Plus she can do wardrobe coordinating also!”

Sachiko Gore, Friend in San Diego, Ca

“Lysanda was awesome! She did exactly what I requested plus some! My face looks so fresh, smooth and natural yet polished and beautiful! My fiance kept taking pics, he was so pleased with my look, he kept saying, one more! Lol! So I know that I look good to him. I can’t wait until my wedding day because my biggest worry was my make up. Now I will not worry any more thanks to Lysandra!”

Shannon Gardner, Bridal Makeup Client in San Diego, Ca

“Lysandra works really well in the fast paced environment of applying fashion show makeup. She is personable, often requested by the models, and well liked by the designers.”

May Star, Fashion Show Coordinator in San Diego, Ca


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