Digital Business Consultant to Beauty Brands



Beauty Brands, Businesses and Influencers

Are you a successful:

  • Beauty Blogger/Influencer
  • Esthetician
  • Hairstylist
  • Nail Artist
  • Salon/Spa owner
  • Massage Therapist
  • Health/Wellness Coach (Nutritionist/Dietician/Chef/Cook)
  • Wellness Professional (Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Dermatologist)
  • Beauty Product Developer/Maker

Or know someone that is….

How can a Digital Business Consultant help my business?

In the creative beauty business, having a second eye is crucial.

Looking, feeling and thinking beautifully can be stressful.

And, we all know, that stress ain’t good for beauty!

Partnering with your own Digital Beauty Brand Consultant gives you the opportunity to team with someone dedicated to making sure that you and your brand don’t have any zits, when the cameras flash!


Online Presence Brand Review check up.

Drive revenue with a well thought out and developed Menu of Services.

 Set up and automate Scheduling Software.

Streamline Your Customer Service processes to eliminate bottlenecks.

Create, manage and oversee marketing strategies in social media, Google, Facebook, etc.

Review, write and edit copy for your website and social media posts.

Leveling up in other areas of your business as we see fit.

Im an entrepreneur myself so I get it from the highs to the lows.

  • Eliminate the overwhelm with all that you need to be for your customers AND for your business to continue, thrive and grow.
  • Consistency is key to keep current clients and gain new ones. YOU need them to stay in business.
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Level up.

Beauty is defined as a combination of qualities that pleases the senses…

For the past 7 years I have practiced as a licensed Esthetician, and worked in the retail and corporate beauty business spaces with a focus on clean skincare and beauty product industry. During this time developing my passion for all things skin and beauty, I also spent time as a beauty school educator in San Diego, California. Before creating this Beautiful Life, it was balanced by a corporate life as a Supervisor within the Federal Government. Preceded by several years serving in the U.S. Navy.

Remember, beauty is a combination of qualities…

I’d love to chat more so we can discuss your needs no matter how big or small.

Prices packaged by project. Lets talk!