Luxe Clean Beauty DIY for Nails, Hands and Feet

Whether it be DIY or professionally done, clean beauty includes choosing clean options for our nails too. I personally have been more intentional in choosing non-toxic options in skin, makeup and nail products for healthier everyday living and being. If you’re new to it then it can be difficult to venture out to brands you’re not familiar with but the payback on choosing healthier beauty options is worth it the trial and error. Just know that I’m here to lessen the error and familiarize you with the possibilities.

Epicuren, the professional line I use in my spa studio House of Vine is always a go-to. Low and behold they have options in face and body care that double as options for care of the hands and feet. So if you ever want that foot treatment during your facial with me at House of Vine then I would be using these but you can also purchase for yourself:

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  • Epicuren’s Brazilian Propolis Mist is a facial toner but can be used as the first and last step in a pedicure or foot massage to rid the feet of bacteria before touching them and to also provide healing after a vigorous exfoliation or on the cuticles if you have cut them down/pushed them back.
  • Epicuren’s GlyPro 30% glycolic peel (which is a professional only product used in the spa ) is typically for the face but can also be used as a 3-5 minute mask to chemically exfoliate dry, cracked, thick skin of the foot. Another option is the Epicuren Glycolic Lotion Skin Peel 10% to apply to your feet a few times a week to slough down dry cracks skin over time and also as a maintenance 1-2 times a week after that. You can possibly find a peel mask that is retailed on the or
  • Once masked and cuticles are cleared, then scrub with Epicuren’s Mint Renewal Scrub, remove, then apply the Moroccan Rosemary After Bath, massage it in for the invigorating feeling that this product gives to your freshly pampered skin. I personally love the Epicuren Rosemary Lave Body Cleanser as well.

As a luxe DIY feel for the gal at-home, the nail care I recommend is Dear Sundays which provide non-toxic nail polish and nail products such as their Soy Polish Remover that I use and love. It smells like grapefruit and feels much more nourishing than an acetone polish remover ever will. No doubt it is better for you, your skin and nails. Use taking care of your nails as a time to self-reflect and nurture yourself in the moment. Dear Sundays also has nail salons in New York. I personally can’t wait to travel to one sooner than later and experience the zen.

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If looking for some fun and vibrant colors in a polish that’s non-toxic, clean and lasts, try Olive and June. I love their selection of colors and fun vibe. I have a few of their nail polishes and they really hold up strong, lasting at least a week or so.

A nail care line that I’ve recently been introduced to is COLVON. It aligns with my values of being black owned. I received their roll-on cuticle serum as part of a complimentary gift box from Shea Moisture X Byrdie Beauty and I adore it. The roll on oil consists of jojoba oil, olive oil, tea tree (so it is antibacterial) to name a few ingredients and there are rose petals inside. It is so minimal yet so luxe. I like the roll on form so I can throw it in my day makeup bag and not worry about the oil seeping out into the bag or on my other products, which (to me) is so annoying.

So there you have it! I’m not a nail artist but I adore my nails being done, being healthy and looking good consistently. I’m passionate about non-toxic skincare and beauty and hopefully these are something you would like to check out now or in the near future for yourself or to recommend to a friend or family member in transition to cleaner beauty.


Love, Peace and Beauty!

Lysandra Joy