Ms. New Booty…Er Ummm I Mean New Beauty

Spring clean out with the old in with the new. Not only is Spring a time for spring cleaning your home and office but it’s also time to look at cleaning out your bathroom drawers and your beauty bag of non-used, outdated and toxic products . Think about and take a look at what beauty products you’re using and turning some if not all of them into non-toxic, cleaner beauty options for your day to day lifestyle. Not only are they cleaner ingredients but safer options for a healthier lifestyle.

Believe me I know it’s not easy because a lot of our favorite items aren’t the cleanest of ingredients but it can be done with a little time, a little effort, a little consistency and a little fun!

If you’re newer to the clean beauty revolution then get a full skincare and make up assessment from Naked Poppy, an online boutique and resource to get started on your journey to clean up your skincare shelf or makeup bag for good.

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Lysandra Joy