The Key to Being More Than Enough


Are you concerned about….

  1. Being enough, doing enough. Not enough time? Not being enough? Not having enough? Not doing enough? Making enough? Offering enough? Not enough paying clients or too many of the wrong clients?  Your thoughts of this keeps you up at night. First of all, you are more than enough! Second of all, as your right hand Virtual Assistant I can take administrative time sucking tasks off your plate and streamline while you work in a flow state, leveling up your biz and bring ease to your life. Let’s rock your enough-ness!
  2. Love of time and money. You work hard and play hard, sometimes more work, sometimes more play however you desire it to all work out and be able to explore other passions outside of work, foster your creativity and fully enjoy the downtime, family and friends.
  3. Value building an empire and legacy.  You may be aware of the fact that you can’t do this alone and why should you. An empire takes a village and a VA can be your behind the scenes right hand to your success.
  4. You value having an impact on community because we are all in this together.
  5. You are not in competition but you are aware that leveling up and keeping up with the times is key to your business longevity.
  6. You love being in tune with your clients AND your team and this takes time and effort.

Yes, hiring a VA is an expense but more so it’s an investment. (Moments that make you go A-Ha!) An investment in freeing your time and unleveling your business and the processes that drive it.

Bring your dreams into a reality! Go home at night after a full and thriving day of servicing clients without more work to do or worry about sending reminder emails, following up on client questions, looking at social media, updating your website, double checking your schedule/calendar or follow up on billing or invoicing.

Solve your problems. Bring an end to your admin nightmares. Streamline your business and client management processes/projects.

Take the time to jot down where you are inconsistent or not getting things done at all. If you have 3 or more things, you need a VA. Those inconsistencies can cause you limiting success not to mention worry.  I love beauty and I love business. Working with you will fuel both my passions and free you up to build the business and life you desire. We both win?

Why do I think you would want ME? Well, because as a thriving beauty biz owner, you show some areas of concern that lead me to believe it as so. As your right hand Virtual Assistant extraordinaire (aka VA) and beauty brand specialist, I can help you improve the flow of your beauty business.

I cannot wait! Comment below if you feel it.


Love, Peace and Beauty!

XO, Lysandra