Beauty Boss Self-Care Sunday

I’ve started a series, as the title reads, Beauty Boss Self-Care Sunday, which is a series where I will post a Q & A every Sunday about a Beauty Boss in any beauty (and some wellness, as the two can intertwine) industry related field. These will mainly be local to Atlanta and surrounding cities but I’ll throw in a few Beauty Bosses from other cities since I’m from Cali and also like to travel and feature those in the places I go, which will be a fun addition to shake it up a bit. These Beauty Bosses will tell us about themselves, what they do and where as well as provide a sneak peek into their self-care indulgences so you will know more about them. If any one of them resonate with you, show love and check them out for a service or product when in the Atlanta area if you don’t live here already. Tell them I sent you. Ha! But really, tell them if you found them via my website.

So with that I decided it’s only right to kick it off with a Q & A from me, your host, Lysandra Joy. I’ll try to make it different than my current ‘About Me’ page but take a look there as well. Thanks for tuning in!! If you’d like to be featured, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m all about collaboration over competition!

Just me in my favorite place, my room!

Beauty Boss Self Care Series Q & A

What aspect of the beauty or wellness industry do you serve? Why did you choose this career? What key services do you offer? Location? 

I’m a Licensed Esthetician so I am essentially a skincare specialist (facials) but I also do makeup, eyelash extensions, brow shaping/threading and body waxing. I work at the W Hotel Atlanta Downtown which is currently on hold while we are in quarantine. I miss my craft and hope to get back to it soon. I also provide services in your home, office or hotel on a freelance basis. In addition to being an Esthetician I am a Virtual Administrative Assistant to beauty brands, business and bloggers, offering services in email management, newsletter creation in MailChimp, proofreading (books, ebooks, newsletters, blog posts, digital magazines, course sales pages, instruction manuals and more), project management, and social media content creation (IG, Pinterest).

Tell us about yourself. Who are you as a person? Hobbies, passions?

Although I have yet to do a consistent schedule, I adore doing yoga for the last several years. I took up boxing this year at Pepper Boxing for a full body workout and tension relief. The instructors are great and I truly got better with each class so I’m looking forward to getting back in there. I used to belly dance for about 3 years until it started to bother my lower back. I love being an Esthetician, it is truly my thing. I recently moved to Atlanta from San Diego after listening to my intuition. I just feel like a lot can happen here for me. Not that it couldn’t of happened in San Diego or elsewhere but this place was calling me and it fits, at least for now.

Favorite services and/or product to offer? 

Although I definitely like to mix it up, I enjoy doing facials probably the most because it is such a sacred service and I enjoy tailoring it to each individual, bringing them peace, a feeling of magic with the aromas, the massage and educating them about their skin and products.

Most popular service provided and/or product purchase?

Eyelash extensions and brow-shaping. People seem to thing about their skin last after these, hair and nails overall. Your skin is the first thing people see even with makeup on and it’s with you forever, so please take care of it whether on a budget or balling out of control, it needs your consistent care and attention.

If you weren’t doing this career, what do you think you would be doing?

Well this COVID – 19 quarantine has made me step up my skills and also realize how geeked up I am about being a Virtual Assistant and playing with social media all day. I’m helping others grow their businesses by taking time off their hands. They can work in their zone of genius and create more of their vision rather than be bogged down with administrative tasks and content creation. They are important but take up so much time and thought, businesses need help and I’m happy to do it.

Being healthy is beautiful. So, what is your favorite selfcare indulgence? Why?

I love sipping tea in bed in the morning.  Throwing on a sheet mask before getting ready in the morning does wonders for your look and preps your skin for flawless makeup application. I love giving myself facial massages in the shower usually but anytime I have tension in my head or face, it is such a reliever and truly does open you up. I am all about the aromatherapy so I run my diffuser almost all day when at home to create that zen feel. Lemongrass and Eucalyptus together is my favorite.

Favorite place to go in ATL or the city you live in?

I’ve been obsessed with DryBar I started going in San Diego, in 2018 and I now go to the one in Midtown pretty regularly and sometimes Buckhead. The nail shop, Sugarcoat just opened up a new location right next to it so I made it to that location one time prior to the start of social distancing and I must say it is really nice with all the top notch touches and accents. Not to mention my nails were the best I’ve had, I can’t wait to go back. I also like a restaurant or two nearby, one being right next door to Sugarcoat, called Bulla Gastrobar, a Spanish tapas place for a glass of red wine and their Brussel sprout salad or Cafe Intermezzo a couple blocks away if that, for their to-die-for cakes and coffee. Ahhhh to live a normal life again! Hitting up all of these on a Saturday afternoon of self-care and food indulging would be perfect and definitely possible. See my pics of their yummy food.

What current projects are in the works? Tell us anything we need to know about now or what to look out for in the near future, this year.

Launching my Virtual Assisting services as of now, no grand opening but I’m taking on new clients. If you need admin and/or social media help or know someone in the beauty or wellness industry that does, message me!!

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