Sacred Space

Creating a sanctuary in your bathroom, bedroom or any room in your home is pretty simple yet yields huge results and peace of mind. You may already be aware of this after these few weeks into quarantine and social distancing status. As an Esthetician I live for a sanctuary vibe period, however in my bedroom is a place to disconnect. Even before any of this COVID-19 pandemic began but more so now, I crave the calm, wellness and self-care that is sacred. We actually have the time to think and act on ourselves even more.

So what are some things you can do to create a sacred space of well-being? I got a few tips that help me so let’s go through them here:

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1. Set the tone with a scent you need and love. The best way to do this is with a diffuser and essential oils. You can get a set on Amazon or block and choose which ones you prefer. I get a set and I like to mix and match. I think my favorite is Eucalyptus and Lemongrass which is healing, anti- microbial and grounding. Of course if you are craving relaxation, then lavenders you’re go-to choice. Start to use the oils and then start to mix and match depending on your craving and mood.

2. Light some candles in the evening into night. This can also add to the sensory if you have scented candles but that isn’t necessary. At night we need to wind down and candlelight allows us to do this without using artificial lighting which keeps us up and alert.

3. No phone or computer near bed time. In this current climate, this can be a hard one. I’m guilty of it myself. It seems I wake up and go to bed looking at my phone. I’m a lot more nocturnal right now as probably are you. My screen time is up and I notice a difference in being more wired and anxious. So I need to also practice this one a lot more right now. Leave the phone alone after let’s say 8pm?! Can we do it? Challenge accepted.

4. Take a bath at least once a week. So many of us have a hard time being idle. A bath is probably the easiest place to practice this ‘just being’ state of mind in spurts without too much self-inflicted and societal guilt that we should always be busy doing ‘something’ or we suck at life. Lol. Woosah-ahhh…

5. During and after the bath, lather yourself in your favorite skincare products. They can be as cheap or expensive as you like. Expensive does not always mean better so choose what you love and what works for your skin. It’s the largest organ of our body and our protective barrier so take care of it as if your life depends on it. We now have more time to to this. Be your own tender loving care (TLC) ambassador. I personally love a good afternoon bath oil. Mmmm.

6. I’m no cook but I do alright. I mean I can cook yet I do it better and want to do it when I can invest time and love into it. So if you’re quarantined to home, working or not, cooking a good meal once a day is a form of self-love. It makes me feel like I’m loving myself as well. I mean even if it’s just a simple home-made sandwich with deli meat, lettuce, tomato and your favorite condiments or a fresh salad, not out of the bag where you cut up all the veggies and use a salad dressing that you really like, that’s love. It makes a difference to me in that I have the time and don’t feel so jumbled by my workdays and obligations. I can think about what I want to eat, get creative and maybe a bit healthier during this time in waiting. I literally pulled out and dusted off my WHOLE 30 book this afternoon and plan and taking some recipes from it for my next grocery run.

Loving this bedroom space from World Market, courtesy of their Instagram account.

7. Last but not least and there are som many more ideas I could add here but I’ll stop at this one. I don’t live alone and actually even when I did, my bedroom is my sacred space so having it well kept makes a difference on my psyche. I have a bed and bedroom furniture that I adore. I painted my bed black almost a year ago and changed out the knobs on my dresser and night stand a few months back and recently cleared out and organized my closet. It’s a refresh! DIY isn’t for everyone but if it’s for you or you have some projects in waiting, take advantage of doing them now. It could be a great way to bond with a partner or if it’s just you, you’ll feel accomplished, empowered and creative. A bedroom is a great place to start, if needed. Even if you’d rather just purchase new and redecorate. #Springcleaning

I’d love to hear if you have any sacred wellness and self-care tips you do at home or in life in general that bring calm to you mind, body and soul. Comment below…

XO, Lysandra Joy