Notes From Kauai

I went to Kauai with my family this Summer, back in August and have a few pics that I never shared as well as my notes about what we did and where we went. So I might as well make a recorded memory on the blog for flash back Friday!
A lot of time, money and planning went into this trip not to post! I’m leaving my notes just as I jotted them on my iphone so don’t mind the format… Enjoy my notes from Kauai!
Travel Day
Delta Airlines landed at 8pm
SDxLAxKauai less than $400
Met the fam at our Rental house on Poipu Beach Estates
Day 1
  • Ate breakfast at HoloHolo Grill located in at Koloa Landing Resort. I had the Banana Bread French toast with guava and coconut syrup. It was literally banana bread & syrup, so yummy. (Pic)
  • Went to Poipu Beach and just took it in. Waded in the watershed took on the waves. Salt water does wonders for clearing up your skin. Having an issue with back acne or bumpy texture? Go jump in the ocean a couple times a week! (Pics)
  • Hanapepe Street Fair and Hanapepe Swinging Bridge. (Pics) Checked out Aloha Spice Company where they have an assortment of Hawaiian inspired specialty gifts, foods such as artisanal jelly like mango and guava by Tahitian Goddess, a Make your own Kombucha Kit, teas, Pineapple salad dressing, cookbooks, etc. We ate lumpia, chicken adobo and kabobs from a street side vendor. So so good and filling!


Day 2
  • Neighborhood walk along the neighborhood, along the beachfront at The Sheraton Kauai Resort.
  • Stopped for coffee at Lapperts in a nearby shopping center which took everything in me not to grab up one of their huge delish looking cinnamon rolls. (Pics)
  • Pulled pork sandwich from Porky’s food truck
  • Waimea lookout but it was foggy
  • Chill out, dinner at our rental home, grilled salmon, potatoes & broccoli
Day 3
  • TipTop Motel for brunch
  • Back to Poipu Beach where we got our beach tans and realized Hawaiian Monk Seals are in the waters with us, oh my!
  • Happy Hour at Apache Tacos for live music and margaritas!
  • Cruises the neighborhood to look at the million dollar houses on the beach.
  • Back home then took a walk to the nearby shopping center for window Shopping and Lapperts for ice cream!


Day 4
  • Little Fish Coffee for iced coffee and açaí bowl. Both were the bomb!
  • BBQ’d at the house… well my sister did. Grilling is not quite my thing… yet.
  • Luau at the Sheraton


Day 5
  • Little Fish Coffee
  • Trip to Hanalei for shopping, new vibes, views & pics.
Day 6
  • Pack
  • Walk
  • Tip Top Motel for breakfast
  • Hit the Harley Davidson Store (I bought nothing. I had to ask myself where and why was I actually going to where a Harley shirt, especially considering the cost. Not to mention, I really just wanted this trip to be about been and taking it all in.
  • Kauai Marriott to spend my day until my 8pm flight. My fam is off to the airport for their earlier flight.
  • Checked my bag at the Valet and off I went to explore the hotel and much wanted self-care at Alexander Day Spa! I received an Aromatherapy Massage with Erwin, a Epicurean Custom Facial with Hilary who has her own organic skincare line! She’s sending me samples so I’ll let ya’ll know what I think (see IG post with Lau Products pic). Lounged at the beach behind the hotel for a bit and had a margarita & shrimp tacos-at the pool bar.

Then I was off to the airport!
Hawaiian Host, finally spotted them! My mom mentioned they were there. I purchased a few boxes. Then back to SD I went.
Taking off the Hawaiian rose colored glasses.
I realize I actually prefer Waikiki in Oahu but I appreciate the experience of doing our first family vacay ALL together in a wonderful place.

Have you been to Kauai? Talk about it below.
Maybe we can compare notes…