At the Mothership

Posting this blog on Woman Crush Wednesday since I got to see my real life IG girl crush Melinda Alexander (aka @MumuMansion on IG) speaking all things toxic relationships, feminism, racism and just the hard knocks of life in general this past weekend at The Mothership Fest in DTLA. I posed the question of asking Melinda what her morning rituals are (if any) and she replied saying she takes a shit and scrolls Instagram set up her day. I can appreciate that! Ha! I purchased her book that I have yet to dive into but I’m excited to do so this coming weekend.


In addition, I also experienced light hearted moments learning more about crystals energy and how to go about using them purposefully in daily life as well as Tarot cards, their meaning in general and also applying them via our intuition. Hence the reason I went, these are all things I’m dabbling into and want to continue learning about, applying them in my life toward beauty, wellness, a holistic yet well styled life, of course!

The panels were amazing. I got more info on plant based herbalism from herbalist Mandy Gough. A discussion on positioning ourselves as ourselves on social media platforms and in life in general as well as deeper more taboo subject of being a black woman in America. So so good! The speakers were so thought provoking, eloquent and just real. Thanks to for opening and fostering the communication through a women led event. Thanks Mothership, unTil next year!


Cheers and XO,
Lysandra Joy