Inspiration Recap: Create and Cultivate LA

Hey beautiful you! So this is a recap of my awesome day at Create & Cultivate LA held at City Market Social House, an event venue in downtown Los Angeles…. If you don’t already know, Create &Cultivate is a top destination for women who want to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. I missed the last one in LA a couple years or so ago after hearing about this whole create and cultivate being a thing. I was so bummed and declared I wouldn’t miss the next one! And I didn’t. I spent the weekend in LA at the cutest, most comfy & cozy Airbnb studio. After not being out of San Diego for over 5 months (because I get caught up in over working myself and quite frankly I’m over it and exhausted) this was a much welcome break, rekindled inspiration and reminded me to stay woke because I am right where I’m supposed to be.

I’ve decided to take monthly weekend trips outside of my usual to keep my spirit alive and stay inspired so when I return to my daily grind I can continue to pursue life and business in a smarter more fulfilling way. What personal or business related goals do you currently have or maybe you’ve already implemented them to keep you focused and happy?? Share in the comments below.


Love, Peace and Joy,

Lysandra Joy

IMG_9313 2
I arrived at 0830 bright eyed and bushy tailed! My first photo of the day had to be with the sign of course. I didn’t realize it sparkled so pretty in the sunlight until I looked back at my pics. #createandcultivateLA


I met Tina while trying to take selfies. She is an event planner in Oklahoma City. We chatted over breakfast and strolled the pop-up prior the start of the conference. Thats what it’s all about, meeting new people near and far that are in it to win it and willing to do things like attend Create and Cultivate. #livestrong because #youarebeautiful
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The Body Positivity panel was really enlightening. All of these women dealing with there self body image as well as the opinion of others on their body image was food for thought. Tess Holliday was my fave, she’s so cool. #bodypositivity
Actress and model Molly Sims being interviewed by Jaclyn Johnson. I know of her of course, but really got a different perspective during this interview. I really enjoyed listening to her thoughts and wisdom on life and being in the business.
Enter a captionThe one and one Kim Kardashian being interviewed by her childhood best friend. She looks just the same as she does on her show. Really laid back and approachable vibe couple with her words of wisdom during her interview. It was the last of the night. You should have seen the mob of us waiting to get the front seats! 
My awesome airbnb studio behind a house in the Alhambra area of Los Angeles. It was 15 minutes from where I needed to be in downtown LA. I plan on going back, it was great! #airbnb
Cute table set up by the pop up at #livestrong. The pop up shops were amazing and took every bit of my strength and recalling my vision not to buy anything random. I did get a couple candles, that’s all!
IMG_9396 2
Kicked off the Sunday after Create and Cultivate with a selfie before heading to the Potter’s House One LA Church. I’m loving and maybe a little addicted to my new selfie stick/tripod for a more improved Lysandra Joy selfie. This is a practice photo on my not so good side. lol