Wander + Lost = Found

”It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti



I took a picture of this picture while at an Airbnb I was staying at while in LA for the Create & Cultivate Conference in February.  I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for or if I’d use it at all but the saying always speaks to me so why not have it as a possible in my personal supply of stock photos. Then I wrote a post on IG last week and figured it was perfect representation for the post. Then I thought why not add it to my website/blog since HELLO, I own this site and all the content but I can’t say the same for Facebook or Instagram. That could all go down one day yet this post should live forever…

Just a little about my story and where I’ve been without sharing too much nor being too long winded. Not that this has all bearing on where I’m going but it has shaped me as I am today and allowed me to realize my blind faith and looking forward to the life I’m creating is where it’s at. Going with your gut (not the pulse of society) will get you there, so enjoy the ride baby, enjoy the ride.


  • Don’t follow the crowd!


  • I’ve tried to do as society does but it just hasn’t stuck with me.


  • I was in the military once upon a time but realized I like living my own mission for my life, not the Navy’s mission for my life and the freedom to flow; honorably discharged.


  • I was previously married 10+ years, maybe because he liked (maybe loved, still not so sure) me more and it seemed like the next thing to do at age 22 despite how being in any long term relationship seems to rob me of my inner peace…funny how that happens; now happily divorced.


  • Bought a house with that husband because I wanted to live the supposed American dream yet turned out a nightmare when we bought it right before the housing industry tanked, that was a monkey on my back until it sold.


  • I had not just a job but a career with the federal government (after the Navy) that was where it was at for me until it wasn’t, it sounded amazing on paper and paid me well, yet it sucked the life out of me; left that, changed my passions into a career & business building.


  • I’m still standing.




Lysandra Joy


I’d love to hear any honest and positive comments. If you have them, post away down below!