Does Fate Favor The Fearless?

Does fate favor the fearless? I can only hope so.


My first post of 2018! Time to stop coming up with and overthinking topics and be the topic! I came up with this last night after not really being able to sleep. It came from my soul, I planned to make it an Instagram post, which I will but it is just too bittersweet not to share, especially at the beginning of a new year as things are falling into place and perspective. Like to hear it? Listen up!…Please.

  • I can only hope that fate favors the fearless!
  • It’s been over 2 years that I burned all my bridges as a GS 13 government employee with the Department Of Veterans Affairs, living an A+ life on paper in order to change careers, be creative and live a more expansive life. Things that make you go Hmmm…It’s not been easy, sometimes I wonder if I bumped my head or maybe had a mini-stroke resulting in loss of brain cells (lol, ok not funny) as single woman it’s been pretty scary, pretty tough & pretty humbling but yet it’s been so beautiful and eye opening and become a truly different life. I’ve met people and seen so much more in general than the tunnel vision that I was previously living. Despite being underestimated and maybe even hated on then and now, somehow I still make it all look good! Must be God’s favor…


Happy & blessed Sunday!


P.S.  An especially happy & blessed one to the fearless that follow their gut no matter      how crazy it appears to be.