Waxing 101: Things To Know 

Spring break is here and tis the season for waxing everythang.

I’m more of a facial giving girl howeverrr, I can wax like nobody’s business and there are a few tips and things I think you should know before and after your waxing service. A little waxing 101, if you will. Here goes it….

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Unless you want lifted skin that takes weeks to heal, wait 7 days to get waxed after taking your topical face medications such as Retin A, which is a strong prescription chemical exfoliator that removes old dead skin and lessens fine lines, wrinkles and helps alleviate minor acne and/or congested skin (also comes in non-prescription strengths but you still need to wait).

You cannot get waxed while taking Accutane, no ifs, ands or buts about that.

Hydrate, nothing worse than waxing dry, dehydrated skin for you and the waxer. The wax tends to sick to you like bees to honey. Forego the coffee before walking into your Esthetician’s wax studio or center please.

Exfoliate, this lifts dead skin so hair lifts easily with the wax.  Do so a couple times per week and soon before getting waxed.

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Let your hair grow to the length of a grain of rice or a tad bit longer but not too long or it just hurts more. The longer the hair the more grip on the wax when lifted. Not so fun.

Your first wax is the hardest. Waxing doesn’t get easy but it gets eas-i-e-r and your hair becomes ‘trained’ and thins a bit with consistent waxing.

Also, on your very first wax or after waiting a long amount of time between waxes, (because of the 3 phases of hair growth cycles that your hair goes through), it may not all come up or it will but hair will grow dry soon after because it was just under the surface before you were waxed. After 3-4 waxes it should all come together.

Wax every 3-6 weeks depending on your personal hair growth cycle and area, not all areas grow at the same rate.  Sometimes 2 weeks is enough for facial areas like the eyebrows and upper lip.



Treat ingrown hair problems with tea tree or peppermint body oil. Shea Moisture has an African Black Soap Toner with Tamarind and Tea Tree that I personally use to clear up irritation from ingrown hairs post waxing. You can find it at Target. Ingrowns can be quite deep and long lasting so incorporate preventive products into your skincare routine whenever possible. There are also an array of products at European Wax Center for pre-wax exfoliating and post-wax ingrown hairs.

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra Joy


Any dilemmas with waxing that you need answers to? Maybe you have some unknown skincare/beauty tip or anecdotes to share? Please post in the comments below and follow me for your dose of beauty and style.