Get Your Beauty Baked

A new store in cult beauty is coming to San Diego this week!

It’s called Beauty Bakerie, a hip and trendy makeup brand that is Vegan friendly AND black owned. Can I get a unicorn with that, maybe? I am excited to try their products. I know that when many people think of vegan friendly makeup one may not envision it as being something they’d really want because it may not be effective, limited in product, lack of colors or be more expensive. However Beauty Bakerie has an assortment of products with poppin colors, fun branding, a youthful vibe and an affordable price point that makes you want in on what they’ve got! The fact that Beauty Bakerie chose San Diego as a location is pretty promising for beauty lovers in the area. I was not familiar with the brand until I noticed the sign in front of an empty store front at the Mission Valley Westfield Shopping Center. Seems they have quite the following and appeal to a diverse customer base. 

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Seems they have some good things in store for their grand opening, which is scheduled for April 21, 2017. If you are into makeup and all things beauty be there for the festivities. I plan on checking them out and get a hands on feel of their products and overall vibe.


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Live life in beauty and style!

XO, Lysandra 

Looking forward to the grand opening?!! What do you know and/or like about Beauty Bakerie‘s products? Please share in the comments below…