With Love, From House of Vine: The Skin Care Studio

In case you didn’t know, my skincare studio, also named House of Vine, is open for business!! I am officially taking appointments at House of Vine, which is nestled discreetly in my bungalow house in the urban and creative neighborhood of Golden Hill, in the heart of San Diego, California. It’s been a journey with so much learning, growing, struggling, fear, joy, excitement, amazement and more fear and getting past it. In doing something different and new in my life, being an entrepreneur, I am discovering  it’s normal and never ending to be in an almost constant state of fear, yet having the courage and bravery to move past what is really only in the confines of your mind. So, whenever you are in the San Diego area, I’d love to share an experience of beauty with you, my followers and potential clients. Love me, I love you more!

Here are a few pics of my journey from a basement storage and wanna be office space transformed into a little gem of a retreat. Think, quality, yet fast beauty in a mini-retreat atmosphere focusing primarily on organic and natural skin care.

In addition to my professional makeup services see what services I offer here.

I am currently having a special on eyelash extensions. An incredible deal that’s been going all month long.


With Love,

Lysandra Joy X House Of Vine

I would love to hear in the comments below, what have you  done (big or small) this year to move past fear into being your courageous authentic self in 2017???