Viva Cuba! Things To Know

I’m baaack!!

And I’ve finally recovered from the holidays, the new year, my trip to Cuba, and a break up with my BF to boot (yes, I’m ok and honestly it’s for the best, until I’m ready to get back out there). Not to mention I’ve been prepping my skincare studio, all the supplies, the operational flow, doing test runs and getting back into doing quality facials. So I have no guilt in saying yes I have been taking it easy on myself when it comes to posting on ‘the blog’ and although I hated not keeping up I knew I’d be back and ready to go full force soon. We can have it all but not always and not necessarily all the time. Sometimes something’s gotta give in order to improvements elsewhere.

It’s good to be back!

I figured I’d start out with a quick recap of pics of my trip to Cuba for those that wanna know, since it is the new ‘it vacation spot’ and a major highlight of my 2017 thus far. I went on the trip with People2People Tours, a newly established tour group running tourist trips from the US to Cuba. It was like going on a trip with a group of  your crazy friends, rather than a stuffy or rigid tour company. So if you are into that vibe and interested in a trip to Cuba where you just book and go, look them up by clicking on the the link.

Just a few pics that I thought I’d share. There are more of course but this gives you a feel. Cuba is such an awesome place to at least experience.  I know it will only get better with time. I definitely must make a trip back to Havana, via Miami next time, of course.

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The running theme of our trip was ‘things-you-MUST-know-when-going-to-Cuba…

1. Bring snacks, 7/11, AM/PM, Circle K is a privilege, who knew. Most of their gas stations just have have a full stocked bar of rum or Cristal beers.
2. Bring wipes and/or toilet paper everywhere u go.
3. Hurry up and wait. Meals take longer than normal from the time you order to get to your table. No rushing here.
4. The people are great.
5. Food in Havana is delish.
6. The Airbnb way of vacationing is the budget friendly way to go. Although Airbnb is not a real thing out there.

How’s your 2017 going? Any highlights and/or better yet ah-ha moments yet? Post in comments below.

Love + Light,