New Year, Same Dreams

“Believe in yourself and be prepared to work hard.” Stella McCartney

Well hello there and Happy New Year!!! It’s here! How are you feeling and what are you doing about it? Well as for me, I’m just working on my goals and positively feeling my way into the new year without the occasional ‘feeling-sorry-for-self’ sabotage that can set in during moments of doubt and high anxiety when thinking about all that I want to do. Focus on the good in life and the positive outcome despite the bumps in the road. Those will be there no matter what path we take,  so take the one that excites you, that you can’t stop thinking about because it feeds your soul. In the end, how can you really go wrong with that?

Pics of my studio, my planner and a quote to keep going/live your best life/one step at a time.

So what am I currently working on you ask… well I am coming off of a holiday season of growing pains that put me outside of my element and although that is growth, it was uncomfortable and difficult to internalize. Nonetheless it was a much needed experience I’m sure. Now, I and currently setting up the final details of my skincare studio, looking for the perfect natural skincare product line(s) that exude the bohemian luxe feel that I want in my life and to share with others. Oh and and I am on my way to Cuba next week! Yayeeyayeee! (Thinking of the Ice Cube song In Da Club, in case you wondered). So crazy that it is almost already here and still some prep to do. If all of this is not exciting then I don’t know what is.

Pics and a literary snapshot of my time in Cuba coming soon!

Wishing you the best start to 2017! Go for gusto!

Live life in style!
XO, Lysandra