Before Getting Eyelash Extensions…


To make it easy on yourself and your lash stylist here are a few things to know for the newbie, before getting eyelash extensions.

  1. Have healthy eyes and eyelashes. A lash stylist can possibly work around lashes that may have minor damage (for whatever the reason) but your eyes must be in good shape. No allergies, conjunctivitis, post surgical symptoms or other issues should be happening during your appointment. If so, simply reschedule when your eyes have healed.
  2. Eyelash extensions in and of themselves do not make your own eye lashes fall out. Your lashes will fall out with the normal hair growth cycle which takes place every 2-3 months. Otherwise once the glue starts to loose its adhesions after about 2 weeks, the extensions will loosen up and fall out.
  3. Show up to your appointment with clean eyes, free of makeup and mascara.
  4. Ensure you do not have an allergy or sensitivity to adhesives, or if you are not sure, have a strand test done at least 24 hours before your appointment to make sure.
  5. Be ready to spend up to two hours laying down while the lash stylist applies your extensions.
  6. Be ready to be transformed. Your eyes will be gorgeous!!
  7. Last but not least, gratuity is welcome. Tip your lash stylist! ; )

Things to avoid after all that time, effort and money to get your lashes. You want to be aware of this before the investment to ensure these are things you can and are willing to do to maintain your new lashes.

For the first 48 hours:

  1. No wetting
  2. No moisture filled environment
  3. No eye makeup
  4. No sleeping face down or on the side.
  5. No facial treatments, facial waxing nor tinting.
  6.  Cleanse the face but avoid the lash line and eye area. No oil-based cleansers.


Clean lashes in the AM and PM with care and pat dry. Brush daily with a dry mascara wand.

Happy winking… Live life in style! XO, Lysandra


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