The Skin You’re In


I am all about the motto, love the skin you’re in! I believed it before studying Esthetics and getting my license but now I am all in and just about obsessed! Invest in and treat your skin and face well because it is the only one you will have to carry you through this life. That goes for your body and health overall as well (of course). It is so easy to make light of it until you get older and start to see the signs and effects (even minimal) of aging. Any little thing helps when done consistently. At the age of 40, it is really no question that taking extra care and investing in professional  products for my skin is a win and I want to promote the same to you. So with that said, I’m providing a few basic skin care notes that are easy enough to remember and carry out whether you use drugstore products or  use medical spa level products, just start. Perfect it as you go, while learning what works and doesn’t work for your skin.

  1. Do wear SPF daily on your face and exposed areas of the body and re-apply every couple hours when in the sun. UV rays are the main cause of aging (UVA = aging and UVB = burning, no bueno). If you do not like applying SPF on your face because you are sensitive, use mineral powder from brands such as Bare Minerals, Eminence, Jane Iredale, and La Bella Donna to name a few. This provide physical SPF that sits on the skin rather than absorbed and causing a reaction like chemical SPF can often do.
  2. Do cleanse your face with a facial cleanser and not an average bar of soap. Soap will dry out your face beyond what it should be which could cause irritation you would otherwise not have. Pick up a decent cleanser that is ideal for your skin type (norma, dry, oily, combo). With cleansing you automatically follow up with a toner. Toner is an oily girl’s miracle product. To use it is to love it. You will have a nice glow instead of looking like just another oily face.
  3. Do exfoliate at least twice weekly in order to slough off dead and dull skin. You could exfoliate 3-4 times weekly for oilier skin but do not over do it, too much of a good thing is not always in your best interest and could dry out and irritate oily skin if overdone. Exfoliation eliminates the build up of dead skin which can cause future breakouts and improves your skin’s appearance to being lighter and brighter. You have physical exfoliation that you get with a facial scrub that scrap’s the skin surface or microdermabrasion. There is also chemical exfoliation that can minimize hyperpigmentation and/or fine lines and wrinkles by using Vitamin C serums, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid or Retinol to name a few.
  4. Do remove your makeup at night. Must this require and explanation? I know we all do it from time to time but those times should be few and far between. Nothing good can come from sleeping with old makeup and debri on your face.
  5. Do invest in an Esthetician. Find one that you have a good repair and chemistry with so you will want to keep going back. You will learn this and a whole lot more from an awesome professional. Not to mention the sustained results from working with a professional who has your best skin interest at heart. See one once a month or every other month in conjunction with your daily at home regimen. It will not only make you feel good but provide results that will last your lifetime.


Live life in style! XO, Lysandra Joy

Let me know what you think of this article. Does it help you with any of your skin thoughts and concerns? Anything to add? Please comment below and feel free to follow me for more beauty and style insights by me. : )