Barely There

Bare…. Minerals?
I know, I know, this line from the brand Bare Escentuals is not new on the scene by any means but it is for me and I want to talk about it. I’m not a mineral wearing girl but in my journey to become an Esthetician I have learned more and more about what it means to have and maintain great skin, more specifically ethnic skin. Which may be surprising to some that ethnic skin can in many ways actually be a more sensitive skin type. I went with the mineral powder because it carries protection from the sun in the mineral powder without the chemical aspect and it is a major brand, of course. I have been using it for almost a week and I am quite happy with it. Hears to experimenting, learning and expanding in positive ways. #goodskinisin

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I also purchased the tinted moisturizer for the days when I want (and let’s face it should) look pulled together. An even skin tone is everything!
Please know that minerals are not the makeup of choice if you are taking professional photos, use studio makeup.

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra