Intuitive Style

“To have style you have to know who you are.”
~Iris Apfel

Thanks for the advice Iris. I like to have a stylish presence and look like I care about myself without overdoing it. I am low key with a love for fashion, be it haute couture, upscale or the fast fashion of HM or Zara. I can mix it up for sure. However, with comments I have received in the past and come to think of it probably from those who usually lack natural style, I may over do it at times but their thoughts are none of my business. I like my haircut just the way it is, been this way (with variation) since 2007. I am pretty much obsessed with my gel mani and pedi’s. I make sure my eyebrows are groomed and/or filled in. I mean they are the frame to my face. Keeping it simple, yet on fleek, right? Right.

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To sum it up, my thoughts, a girl with a good hair cut and nails done is always golden. Swipe on some lipstick and keep it moving ladies!

By the way, if you haven’t already you must check out the documentary on Iris Apfel on Netflix. Very inspiring for living life in style and going in flow of doing what you love with those you love. You can’t help but love it (the documentary) and her!

Stay cool this weekend while living life in style, of course.

XO, Lysandra

What’s aspect of your style is a constant that you love and can’t get enough of no matter what?