Love Note To Self

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After a bit of a hiatus in getting my life hustle on, going to Beauty school to get my Esthetician license, networking to pursue clients to build my freelance biz as a personal stylist and makeup artist, I thought I would kick off a blog post per an idea I got from a writer I follow on Facebook. Janne Robinson wrote 34 things she loves about herself. So why not dive in, discover and share the same about myself. I did not get to 34, but never the less I want to get this blog re-started right! Perfection be damned. We all need to check in oneself-love from time to time. If we don’t who will. If you would like to hear about it here it goes….

1. I love that I had the courage to start this blog and not stop despite moments of inconsistency, it is always there waiting for my new ideas.

2. I love the crazy courage I had to leave a career I was super successful yet not happy with to pursue passions that had and still have me crazy antsy excited and hopeful. I am still in such awe that I did that.

3. I love that I can be happily alone.

4. I love that I live in San Diego, a well sought after destination.

4. I love my lips and eyelashes.

5.  Love that I love color just as much as I love black.

6. I love that I love to travel although I was so ready to come back home after my latest trip and I love that as well. Home is where the heart is and maybe I’m finally creating that life that I do not need a vacation from. Although I will take them as my soul sees fit.

7. I love that I love beauty school and the process anxiety stress and wonder of becoming an Esthetician.

8. I love that I love.

9. I love that I live to read (when I can).

10. I love that I love to write and push through thoughts of judgement.

11. I’m loving my face right now! My skin looks great.

12. I live myself despite I’m not at my goal weight and I am making small changes to get back there. One day, one day… Skinnier Lysandra… Come back. Lol

13. I love that I am dating someone and I’m super excited about it! Yet, I still understand that I have the control of what I want to and to not happen. If it’s not agreed upon then it’s not for me and that’s okay.

14. I love that I have fashion sense.

15. I love that I love to travel

16. I love that I am in love with the idea of love. After all, I am a libra! We love us some love.

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

What are your deepest loves about yourself? I encourage you to write it, share it and save a mini version in your wallet or planner, somewhere you will review it as a reminder from time to time.