How To Make Up


The Makeup Show in downtown Los Angeles last month was a blast! Outside of breaking the bank toward goodies for myself and adding to my makeup kit, I sat in on a tutorial/demo with Kathy Jeung, Celebrity Makeup Artist (IG @KathyJeung) to mega stars Gwen Stefani and Rita Ora to name a couple. During the tutorial/demo she used NARS cosmetics, in which she is also a brand ambassador, she was simultaneously asked a few questions from the audience. I felt her answers carried valuable tips and insight that may provide value if you are looking to break into celebrity makeup artistry or just for the love of perfecting your craft. So I figured why not share it with you here.

When asked what she looks for when looking for an Assistant. Kathy stated when looking for a quality assistant she has high standards desires someone that is intuitive, respectful and humble. Makes sense and being intuitive can go a long way in being of value to someone that is working through a chaotic day of trying to be creative, organized while working to do makeup to perfection while on set.

Ideal amount of time to do makeup? An hour.
Favorite types of makeup jobs? Kathy discussed that she likes all types of jobs. They all have bring something different to the table and she enjoys then for their different, unique reasons and all are really rewarding. Be open. Have goals but be open to jobs that come your way. She says this is what helped her to keep going in the industry rather than pigeonhole yourself (i.e. I only do wedding makeup, etc.)

As Kathy went thought the makeup demonstration, she also provided the steps and mentioned some favorite products from the NARS line. The steps are listed here and I kept it simple, sweet and succinct:
1. Know the occasion and what type of skin is needed for the event (video on set x 20 hrs, red carpet, wedding, etc)
2. Lips are important, use Blistex or some type of lip moisturizer 1st before starting to apply makeup to the face. I personally use Aquifer or MURAD lip balm.
3. Mist or apply Toner to moisten skin.
4. Eyebrows review – ask them permission to tweeze ,etc., as needed, show the client how it looks in a mirror as you go. The reason she stressed this is because eyebrows can cause shadows in pictures of not properly groomed. Which in turn requires the photographer to have to use Photoshopping when he or she probably would not have. Also, go with a more natural, balanced brow.
5. Base lids with powder from NARS contour kit before applying eyeshadow color. I always say this myself, powder adheres to powder, decreases the chance of creasing in the lids. : )
6. Cream under powder method when applying blush to the cheeks. Prevents drop off, grabs the powder, creates depth/density/richness.
7. Use NARS eye cream to moisturize eye area applied with an applicator
9. Apply NARS skin tone with flat foundation brush and blender.
10. Lighter foundation half a shade or one shade lighter around the eyes to open them up. yes, Kathy yes! I love this tip.
11. Lastly, go back over skin with foundation, clean up eye area, blend. Then add bottom liner to the eyes.

There you have it! Make up tips from a bonified professional, via an up and coming makeup artist and my brilliant paraphrasing.

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra


The Makeup Show was fantastically overwhelming with all the product and education. Did you go to The MakeUp show in LA or another city? What do you love about makeup expos? Please share in the comments below and any other tips you may have or have heard from other industry professionals.