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How To Keep It Hot

Untitled designI am most recently networking like a champ (if I do say so myself) and encountering fellow women in situations that bring me hope, solidify faith and the inner peace to keep going. Be open.

I went to three events last week and two the week before. Networking and meeting as many people as I can in a lighthearted but purposeful way is now the name of my game. After being in a long government career where you network within and not so much on the outside for career, knowledge and advancement purposes, I find that my reinvented identity as a self-employed woman is not always with me when I am out and about and in order to succeed in these early days it really must be at the forefront. I realize I have to always be aware that I am my biz and my brand as well or I, at least, represent my brand. I must be aware of the possible opportunities and potential clients that come my way or are simply in my midst whether they show interest or not… Am I interested in them or the opportunity?? If something about them sparks my interest as a potential client or business collaboration, it is probably for the better because I will go for it and go hard. Whatever ‘it’ may be. Luckily my being in personal wardrobe, makeup and skincare are pretty social subjects. Everyone wants to look their best most the time so it is up to me to embellish on that with those individuals that get it.

So here’s to being self-employed, aware and owning it. You are your business so you have no choice but to make it, seize the moments. Advertise who you are and what you do in a social way to increase your audience and eventually things will happen on a consistent basis.

Networking does not have to be painful! Who knew?!

Life live in style!

XO, Lysandra

Shout out to Hello Beautiful Health for their awesome Divine Dinner Series. for having a place to go to meet friendly people with common interests. Lastly, but not least, Ladypreneur’s monthly meetings and their Facebook page for inspiring woman entrepreneurs is San Diego.

What tips or words of wisdom do you have for excelling in business and life? Post those comments below! You can also follow my blog by signing up to the right of this post if you feel so inclined. Thank you for reading!

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