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Flea Market Funds

The fashionista and decorista that I am, I have wanted to take a drive to Pasadena for their infamous flea market held every second Sunday of the month. However, months go by and I have yet to make the trip. When the day hits I’m either too lazy to make the drive, make up excuses why I need to be here to do X, Y and Z, or I blessedly get booked for a makeup gig. I’m gonna get there soon but in the meantime, I was recently able to get my flea market fix right in my home town.
Who knew SD had a flea market? If you didn’t know, now you do. Not just a flea market but the San Diego Vintage Flea Market that I found out about through Facebook. Gotta love Facebook for its information! I found out about it a month or so ago. It was held a couple weekends ago. It was small but very cool, felt legit and I scored a couple finds to add to my currently messy jewelry stash. Yes, the wardrobe curator needs to curate her own closet. When it comes to wardrobe and a perfectly organized closet, do as I say not as I do…

I am on a struggling entrepreneur’s budget (hey that’s the price of freedom and I love it!) but I did manage to buy a few items that I fell in lust with.

I can always use a little fringe. The tree of life just sets it off with a one of a kind vibe. This is handmade by Velvet Moon Vintage, found on Etsy.
A silver ring engraved with the quote from the movie, The Crow, which says, “Real love is forever.” I am a sucker for love, as most libra’s are…

Let’s see what else did I notice while there….


Good times at the flea market! Looking forward to new finds at the next one!

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra
Have a favorite flea market? What do you love about flea markets or just vintage shopping in and of itself? I would love to know! Please post your comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this fleamarket. It’s always so interesting to see what you can find in other countries. I’m a fleamarket-maniac. I need a fleamarket every Sunday and a thrift shop every Thursday. I have found so many wonderful old things like crystal, porcelain, old frames, old jewellery etc. etc. In my kitchen I have a lot of old things that I still use.


    • Hi there!
      Wow that’s sounds exciting! I want to get more into flea market and vintage shopping as well. You sound dedicated! Thanks so much for sharing and reading my blog!

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      • Vintage shopping of clothes is really good for the environment, too. Nowadays people wear their clothes only a very short time and then throw them away. Just think how much water is used to water cotton etc. I find a lot of very beautiful used clothes like Burberry etc. for a real good price. And I buy a lot of jeans for 9,00 Euros per piece. I’m bicycling a lot and that destroys my jeans in a short time and I don’t want to spent 100,00 Euros for pants etc.


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