How To DIY: A Body Scrub

Something about making a valuable product for yourself by yourself and the fact that because you made it from your own hands, you know it is safe enough for your skin and  to even digest it, really makes it quite special and pretty cool. This could actually make a thoughtful Valentines Day gift since the big day is right around the corner! It is super easy to make and I am sure you have some if not all of the ingredients in your kitchen right now. I definitely recommend trying it out if you haven’t already, if just for curiosity sake.

So yes, I recently made this body scrub from sugar, coconut oil and an energizing essential oil. It smells delish, is all naturelle and good enough to eat, literally! Not that I plan on eating it. However, since I love it so much for it’s value and simplicity, I am sharing the recipe with you!

Sugar on the RAW is my sugar of preference and can be purchased at any grocery store.
Coconut Oil from Trader Joe’s of course. This will last me awhile. I’ll try it with the sea salt next time around.
I went with Energy Oil since being the CEO of your life can be a handful in more ways than one!
Final product in my little jar for one that I can place in the corner of my bathtub. The jar is from TJ Maxx, you can get one or I have seen them in backs of three or four as well
Picked up this Essential Oil three pack from TJ Maxx. Seems they are going big on these types of things. I love their bath, body and dish soap section for unique finds!

Basic Salt/Sugar Scrub Recipe: (courtesy of the Esthetics Program at Bellus Academy)

1 cup Dead Sea Salt or Turbinado Raw Sugar – To promote exfoliation.

1/2 cup Carrier Oil – Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado, Almond Oil, Apricot, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Primrose, Rosehip, etc.

5 to 10 drops of Essential Oil – Energizing, Calming, Balancing, etc.

1 Teaspoon of something you like to customize your DIY scrub – cocoa, coffee grind, coconut flakes, brown sugar, etc.

The magnesium in salt is good for water retention, muscle relaxation, slowing the signs of aging, increasing circulation, strengthening bones and nails. The sodium in salt balances moisture and lymphatic fluid balance which boosts the immune system. As for the sugar, it is good for relaxing the mind with its aroma, protects skin from toxins while maintaining its health do to the moisturizing benefits of the glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acids. Sugar can reduce current and prevent future acne breakouts.

So you can see here from these ingredients along with their benefits and effects that you can experiment, mix and match, making it up as you go depending on how you want to feel and the result you desire.

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra


Do you have any DIY scrubs or other DIY recipes for candles, soaps, or something more off the beaten path, that you just adore? Please post a link to those and/or your thoughts and comments below. To follow my blog, enter your email to the right of this post. Thanks so much for your time! Happy Friday!