My Daily Beauty Products

A couple weeks ago I posted a picture on IG showing a few of my favorite beauty products that I am using right now and since sharing is caring I thought I would provide a bit of information about them in this post. I am literally loving these and wearing all of them daily or almost daily. So here it is, my short and sweet review!


Going clockwise, starting from the bottom left…

  1. Nars Illuminator in Orgasm. This is a newer product for me as I have just started using it in December and I love it for the light shimmer and glow to place on and around the eyes for the awake daytime look. I say it is good for night time as well unless you are one that prefers to go heavier for your night look, then I would use a heavier more shimmery powder.
  2. Nars Tinted Moisturizer in the shade Malaga. I always get this one from Nordstrom and I have been using it for about 3 years. It has sunscreen of SPF 30 and it really is my go to for a nice sheer coverage that evens out my skin tone for day and I will wear it at night as well unless I am hitting the serious night scene then I will opt for a full coverage foundation. This moisturizer provides great coverage and you can use a little concealer with it for under the eyes and to cover minor blemishes.
  3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater was purchased from a store that I adore…Anthropologie! If you did not know, Anthropologie carries a line of skin care and makeup products. This spray smells great and I love spraying it on myself and my clients after applying a full face of makeup to give it that settled in look and finishing up with a great aroma. Also, use it at night after washing your face for that final refreshing and calming effect before hitting the sack.
  4. Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow is awesome in my opinion! I think it gives my Urban Decay Naked palette a run for its money (gasp! who would of thunk it!). The color just takes so well to the skin and it goes on so smoothly. It was a gift from my sister, purchased at Sephora and I really love it. They come in a box of three separate palettes containing six eyeshadow shades and a blush. So you can keep one or two for yourself and gift the other. Whether you are big on wearing makeup or not so much, I definitely recommend that you try it!
  5. LA Girl HD Pro Concealer was an impulse purchase from Morphe Brushes in Los Angeles that I was not betting much based on the $4.99 price which is also why I picked it up so easily but it is so damn good. Hides those blemishes like a champ! Especially if you bake it on the skin (ie. apply it over the blemish and let it sit for a bit before blending into the skin). It works wonders…or more like hides imperfections like a wonder. The end of the tube is a brush so you can brush it right onto your skin.
  6. Mac In Extreme Dimension Mascara is definitely extreme. How can you have a beauty favorite and not one of them be Mac?!…Well, I have a good set of long lashes for which I thank my parents and their genetics for that! So all I need is a little bit of mascara to bring them out. This particular mascara is specified for that. A little messy but it does the job! I just clean it up with a clean mascara wand and keep it moving. I adore all Mac mascaras as well as Benefit They’re Real mascara. Oh, and Smashbox has a nice mascara as well, less messy but great effect.
  7. Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow from Sephora, a loved brand in the industry right now. I actually bought this shade of eyeshadow to use as a contour powder for my day look. I was informed that this particular brand is perfect for interchanging as a blush or eyeshadow and even to use in lipstick to add or change the pigment. You learn something new every day! It is a perfect shade for me in this case as and I love a little depth to my face without it being too much.