Beauty Pointers: Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Makeup Artist

The love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is Art. – Emerson

Beauty pointers

Enjoying those long romantic walks down the makeup aisle? Or, instead are you spending time being confused at Ulta, Sephora or MAC? Either way I am sharing the things I wish I knew before becoming a makeup artist. Here you have it and hopefully it helps you improve your makeup game!

Face Primer: I used to think it was just another unnecessary step, however primer is essential to smooth face & hold foundation in place.

Eyebrows: Eyebrows frame the face, it does not have to be extreme like so many that we see on Instagram, but work to fill them in and enhance the upward curve or arch which will lift the eyes and overall face. Make sure they match each other as much as possible. This is no easy task, so it’s not just you!

Eyeshadow: Powder eyes with translucent powder or a light shadow before adding eyeshadow to your eyes. This will hold your eye shadow in place for the long haul, keeping it from wearing off. The powder adheres to powder. Ensure you have based the eyes with primer and foundation beforehand. The most natural way to apply eye makeup is corrective, meaning you use a light color on the lid, go darker in the crease and highlight at the top, just below the eyebrow. Which is why so many eyeshadows come in colors of three. Also, if you are going heavier on the eye makeup you may want to start with the eyes first (rather than the whole face then the eyes). So if you mess up and need to correct anything you do not have to correct the surrounding areas of the face as well, time and aggravation saver.

Eyeliner: Swing that wing upward, effort to not bring it below the top lash line. Like I said, lift-ing. Make sure they match on each side as well. This is no easy feat either, at least not for me, I’m still working on my wings. : )

Blush: Apply blush to apples of cheeks, smile while applying and you cannot go wrong! Always think about lifting, lifting, lifting your face. The blush that is applied too low will cause your face to appear longer and down-ridden (if that’s a word, but you get the point). You want to look like your young, vibrant and fresh-faced self.


Creams: Creams are best for mature skin, provides creamy dewy skin, more youthful and moist appearance in comparison to powders (ie. cream blush, cream shadows, cream contour kits rather than powder, etc).

Shimmer: Shimmers reflects light and matte holds the light. So which one do you prefer and when? If want to diminish rather than attract attention to fine lines etc, go for matte.

Photographs: When taking photos, especially professional ones, choose the right makeup, meaning the right foundation and powder withOUT minerals. There is absolutely no wearing of SPF on your face either! This is so your face does not reflect the makeup through the camera causing flashback face. (no Bueno! looks amateur and amateur we are not).

Get an eyeshadow, blush and lip palette with plenty options. Play with it. Mix and match. Also, get a color wheel to see what colors complement each other and have fun trying it out on yourself. Choose an evening or day during the weekend that you have no plans and be free to explore. Check Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube if you need ideas. Hire a makeup artist to do your face and ask them to provide tips on how to apply your makeup as well as help you come up with ideas for a new look. Have her (or him) help you use your own makeup so you know exactly what to use, how to apply it and at what step. Don’t always play it safe with color and you might surprise yourself! Pamper your skin at home. Get facials on occasion. Purchase products that work well for your particular skin.

” I believe that all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup.” Bobbi Brown

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

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