1st Date Blues or 1st Date Bad Ass? Create Your Look

Do you have what I find to be first, second or maybe even third date fashion frustration?

I don’t know about you, but I have realized when I really like and want to make an impressive impact with a guy, which isn’t the case with all of them, I become a frazzled when deciding on my look for the date. Now the guy may or may not give a damn about style and fashion in general but that’s his problem. What you are wearing impacts your mood and that’s what matters. So I decided maybe I should come up with a few go-to date looks to keep us streamlined and at ease for these times. I must add that I hope it comes to a screeching halt when I find ‘the one’ or, at least the one for a longer term beyond six months, urghhh. I know, know, it’s not me it’s them! lol.

When I think of a good look for the first few dates I am going for the idea of keeping it simple, sultry and pulled together without too much (obvious) effort. How does this look translate? Follow along below for ideas…

Here are three possible looks for different aspects of your date. I went from a classic jeans and tee date night look to an event look for a concert or something along those lines and lastly, a comfy  but stylish late night look for that out of the blue call from the guy that says, “I miss you and I really want to see you NOW, let’s meet!” Picture it, the low-lit, high-end sultry bar with strong but good cocktails that is pretty empty because it is the middle of the week on a fairly late night. A night cap before the night cap… maybe (wink, wink). For the right guy, it’s worth the time and effort! ; )

Keeping it classic and chic on a Friday after work for drinks and appetizers or lunch on a weekend.
See you at the concert!
Ain’t nothing wrong with a late night meet-up. Be ready!

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Live life in style!
XO, Lysandra


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