Style Pointers: 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Personal Stylist

Style Tips

Well hello! Up for a few pointers in style? I hope so!

This week as I thought about where I have been, where I am and where I am going, I realized how much I have learned in pursuit of my career in fashion and ongoing learning as a spirited and creative entrepreneur. With this comes a lot of growth behind the scenes and I realize I have done and learned quite a lot just in 2015 alone. So with that I thought why not blog about it. These are things I would teach you as my client anyway so why not give you a few pointers that will keep you stylishly intact from a stylist’s point of view. I thought this mainly because I know I can be a bit skeptical myself of supposed tips and tricks from industry experts when I think they have just posed that way as a strategy to create revenue for others. This is not the case, however, that is the key right, like Steve Jobs, said about his customers, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Boy, do I love that along with so many other quotes from him, rest in peace Steve.

So here it is, what I wish I knew about fashion and style before becoming a personal stylist.

Tip #1: Invest in tailoring. Why, because you will look more expensive when your clothes fit you right. Especially when you buy something on sale that is a little to big, spend the extra few dollars (or more depending on what it is and the type of material) and get your garment to fit just right. You will look better and when you look better it subconsciously (and hopefully consciously) makes you feel better. Duh!

Tip 2: Spanx are a girl’s best friend. Why, because even when in good shape we all may have problem areas or just areas that need that extra slimming effect when wearing certain garments.

Tip 3: Style is all about you, if you feel good about that green skirt with the red heels, wear it! Despite what others think. Why, because when you feel good & confident about being you it shows, despite how ridiculous you may or may not look to another person who’s opinion may not matter anyway. Possibly where it on a day when colleagues won’t see you so you can feel free to be the wacky version of you. : )

Tip 4: Experiment with clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes of all brands and labels. Play with the trends, mix high and low and have fun with it. Why, it will help you evolve, you never know what you like until you try it on so push your boundaries and live. Just try it, even if you are not buying it. Or hire a personal stylist to assist you with this. You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome! Everyday people get styled too. See my last post regarding shopping your own closet which is a budget friendly option to mix it up with help from a new set of eyes and perspective.

Tip 5: When you know you will be getting photographed whether it be for a wedding, professional picture, family photo, whatever it may be, please ensure your outfit styling also includes prep time to get all the necessary waxing (i.e., eyebrows, above the lip, nose hairs and a bikini/Brazilian if wearing swimwear). It is really all in the details. Please, please, please do this if taking pictures and it is not already a part of your regular routine! Gratzi! This may actually be a pointer based on my make up artistry background which I may do a future post on as well but hey it comes into play here as well.

Tip 6: An outfit is a top and a bottom with a layering piece. It is nice to add an element of the unexpected as well. You can mix similar prints with similar colors as well as mix and match prints, but it is an art. How so? See the explanations listed below:

A. Lighter colors focus and amplifying an area.

B. Darker colors take away and detract giving less focus on an area.

C. Monochromatic (an all over tighter print is also considered monochromatic) color schemes create a longer line. Good for shorter people like me that would like to create length in a look.

D. Color blocking creates a chunked up look. So you decide if you want this or not, depends on the actual outfit you are wearing (i.e. pants, dress, skirt, blouse) and your body type.

E. Small print is for smaller, petite body types. Makes sense so it does not overpower your small frame.

F. Larger print is good for larger and/or curvier body types. They can carry the larger prints well if too small of a                  print it may make you appear bigger than you are. No Bueno.

So based on all the above, go ahead, be a visionary and work your personal style!

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra


Let me know what you think, do these tips offer you any help? Any A-ha’s? Please share your comments below and sign up with your email address to the right of this post to receive fun and friendly and hopefully helpful info from me on a weekly basis. Thank you!