Shop Your Closet: How To Revamp Your Wardrobe Without Spending!

I am keeping this quick Untitled designand to the point because revamping your wardrobe really can be a simple straightforward task that can improve your daily delays of wondering what to wear in the morning. Maybe this can be your weekend project! A little pre-holiday streamlining, possibly?
1. Try on all your outfits that you still wear and love to make sure you still want to wear and love them.

2. Chuck the outfits you don’t wear or love.

3. Start wearing the stuff that you forgot about before doing this (we all do it) by placing them in your line of vision (use closet organizational tools if possible, The Container Store is a great resource)

4. Tailor your garments if you have had any weight changes or clothes that don’t fit right whether too big or too small. That cocktail dress in the back of your closet, a work blazer or pair of slacks should fit impeccably. It makes a difference. Try scouring Groupon for deals, use those dry cleaner discount days at your local dry cleaner, for more expensive or intricate garments ask for tailor recommendations from friends or co-workers, or see your local personal stylist.

5. Pair your jewelry with outfits you wouldn’t normally pair them with. (Black structured blazer with your favorite bohemian/Native American turquoise ring) is intentionally unintentional and chic.

6. Store your summer gear away to make room for fall/winter stuff that you have not worn over the past several months.
That can be tricky with this Southern Cali weather, so leave out the items that you can layer since it can be warm during the day and cool off at night or even for those cold days in the office.

7. Hire a personal stylist like me that will shop your closet! Or anyone that has a fresh set of eyes on your stuff and can put together new outfits for you without shopping for more. If you don’t want to hire a stylist ask a fashionable friend and just have fun!

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

Untitled design-2
You got this!

Have you ever shopped your closet and came out with a whole new wardrobe? I want to hear about it! Post your comments below and do not forget to follow me by adding your email to the right if you so choose. : )