Down To The Basics

So my closet cleanse is done. Check that right off the list.


If you do not recall, I had a yard sale back in June, at the start of the summer as a way to simplify, cleanse, detox and move forward with feeling free-er. Although it still feels like I have too much crap for a single gal trying to explore, find and live a boho life (we’ll see!).  Anyway after the yard sale there were a few more steps to complete the process.  Maybe this will help you in auditing your style, your closet and hey, why not your life!

1. Have a yard sale, a giveaway to friends and family and/or Salvation Army.

2. Final closet audit. Ask yourself: Is this item really me? Would I buy it if I were out shopping today? Choose yes or no, if no chuck it.

3. Merchandise your closet. Meaning, similar items with similar items. So when you go to look for that favorite work dress to wear in the morning you know where all your dresses are from no sleeve to short sleeve, to long and so on and so forth…You can keep this organizational method as basic or as detailed as you prefer as long as you will keep up with it. Some may go further, from garment type to keeping with similar colors with similar colors and all of that. This is great just as long as you can keep up with it. Same goes with shoes, categorize them by sticking your similar shoes together for easy locating. For example booties with booties, boots with boots, sandals with sandals, pumps, strappy heels, flats, etc…

4. Ready to purchase a remix and/or update your wardrobe basics. Wardrobe basics are the staple items in your closet that provide a foundation for those trendy and seasonal items that come and go.


See the picture above of what I find to be the trending basics as a suggestion to keep on hand. These do not have to be exact of course but gives you a strong idea of the items you should purchase if you do not already own them. I have variations of these, but the visual keeps me focused on what to buy next rather than an impulsive purchase. I hope it does the same for you. Typically, your basics are pricier if not the priciest items in your closet based on the fact that these will be worn often and you want them to withstand the wear. Your basics go with almost anything if not everything and will last you several seasons while remaining timeless and functional. If you can catch them on sale, even better! A few stores that come to mind for good basics are Banana Republic, Gap and even TJ Maxx or Marshall’s because you can get the name brands at a fraction of the original price. The Banana Republic has really good sales if you can keep an eye out on something you really want. Nordstrom is great for basics and they also have their sales twice yearly. Actually one of their sales starts today! Yes, I am Lysandra Leary and I not only love but I am addicted to Nordstrom. : )

Perfect. Looks like the process is complete.

Now get to shopping! Need help? See me, I can style you up in no time!

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

Would this work for you? Any ideas of what you do to audit your style, your closet or your life in general? Please post those thoughts of yours below.  If you like this post and if feels right for you, please sign up to the right of this post to receive weekly emails from me.