Hello, hello! Happy Monday! Yes, House Of Vine is still here!

I know it has been an insurmountable delay and I’m not about excuses, however with getting through my venture of taking a night course to become a certified makeup artist while working my demanding federal career in management by day, it really was a bit much to research, write and provide consistent quality content and do it well. So my blog love had to fall to the wayside. I am a one, maybe two things at a time kinda girl when it comes to my perfecting major projects. I like precision, focus and flow. So, after I completed my course and became a certified makeup artist, I was like, “Ok now what?” I was ready to get back my flow and hit the ground running with all of my ideas, or so I thought. Speaking of flow…there was none, I was feeling so stifled, stressed, irritated and unhappy. So rather than daydreaming about my dream while at work I decided to quit my job. Yes, you read it right, I quit! Crazy huh? Maybe so but in my reality it was a long time coming. Now here I am finding my niche, zoning in on my passions, getting on track and ready to rock it with you. I humbly say thanks for remaining on board as my follower and I think with my finding a new life and energy I will be able to be the ‘me’ that I want to be while providing you with content unlike before. So please remain with me on this adventure….
Hugs, smiles, prayers and carpe diem! We only live once! Here’s to making it count!

At Your Service!
At Your Service!


Live life in style! Xo, Lysandra

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