Finding the Proper Fit

I recently met up with a guy that I met online whom was limited on time but based on our planned meeting time we would still have at least an hour to connect. He said, ‘I’m not sure if you would be willing to meet for just an hour and a half or so.” I responded by saying, “I’m fine with an hour or so if you are. We’ll pretty much know from that if/when we want to meet again.” We met, we had a drink, we spoke and duh, I was right!

Dressing and showing up for a job is similar to dressing and showing up to a first date or initial meet-up. First impressions are everythang. I was at speaking engagement at the University Club of San Diego at Symphony Towers (I am a member!…been awhile) the other night and one of the speakers, Image Consultant Melissa Murray, from Styleology Group, touched on the fact that your appearance is the biggest aspect of the impression you make. And guess what? Although not impossible, it is hard to backtrack on that. 

FIRSTImpressionlogoHence, it got me thinking about job interviews and/or professional meetings in comparison to a somewhat blind first date. You get all the information you need right then and there. Not that this is rocket science or that I am the first one to realize this, however, I was compelled to speak on it because it was such an ah-ha moment. Melissa went on to briefly mention how when you make the first impression professionally, it tells the other person that you are one of the three things. I am using the terms loosely and maybe somewhat in my own words, however overall she stated that you are either:

1. Perceived as a perfect fit and it flows with ease.

2. Perceived as out of their league so you are placed in their back pocket.

3. Perceived as not good enough and held at arms length, if held at all.

When I heard this I immediately thought of dating and how it relates. Of course, I thought of meeting people as in making new friends, networking and potential clients in general however the dating aspect really rang out. Thinking of how I perceive the other person and of course how that person may perceive me in the first 2 minutes or maybe even less of meeting each other! Interesting, no! Makes me think of ‘thin-slicing’ as Malcolm Gladwell calls it in his book, Blink. He discusses the ability to take limited information and make an intuitive decision. Although, it could have an unconscious prejudice effect as well, so the judgement call may not be the correct one in every case.

So, with this I say and continue to say, you must remember, like it or not, perception is everythang, whether it is the reality of the person or not. If it matters to you then put forth the effort to make a great first impression by dressing up and showing up. Prepare and plan then let it flow. It gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Be true to yourself in how you dress. Wear something you love and feel terrific wearing so that your best you will shine through. Also remember, in two of the three options discussed above, the other person may not find that you fit into their ‘vision’ and that is okay. Seems the odds are actually against rather than in our favor (imagine that!). So be calm and give it your best you! That is all that matters. If it does not work out, it is not meant to be. BOOYAH!!!

As for the guy I mentioned above, we do want to meet again, hasn’t happened yet…and that is okay. Like Marie Forleo says, “Make is-ness your business.” Hence, I truly enjoyed the moment and conversation.

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Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

P.S. I know, I know, I have been on a short hiatus from posting lately. Life…it happens. I am still here!

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