How To Dress For Your Curves

Where are my curvy girls at!? Do you confidently dress for your curves?

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I am a curvy girl, been one all my life and like all of us with a little extra, we want to present our persona in the best light. Right? The best way to do this is to honor the curves, do not try to hide them. Some of my favorite style icons are curvy women such as Halle Berry, J-Lo, Scarlett Johannson, Christina Hendricks, Kelly Clarkson, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian (not to mention Mama Jenner is stacking it!) to name just a few.

So you may be asking the question, “How do I dress to enhance the curves?” Easy!



There are a few staple items that are extremely flattering to a curvy shape rather than negating it. This is what all women strive for! The perfect proportion on top and on the bottom, yet smaller in the middle. If you got it, flaunt it, by investing in the right garments.

1. Pencil skirts accentuate the hourglass shape.

2. Peplum tops flow with the natural curve and bring eyes to the waist.

3. V-neck or Scoop neck blouses and shirts, show some skin (which actually creates an illusion of thin) and shapes the bust area without showing too much cleavage.

4. Bodycon (short for body-conscious) dresses really suck it all up and in, in all the right places!

5. Pointy toe heels are great for elongating the legs, hence thin-ing you out.

6. Blazers that are girly flow with the curve yet structure out the body and can dress up any look.

7. Wrap dresses (although not pictured), are a curvy girl must have not to mention a timeless piece.

8. Skinny jeans can be worn and worn well by the curvy chic, just make sure they fit over the hips to the waist, no low-rise. Us curvy girls need to be well contained.

A few brands I find to be awesome and that I recommend for curvier shapes are BCBG, Herve Ledger, Asos, Lane Bryant, Jessica Simpson, Black House White Market, Micheal Kors, Tommy Hilfiger or DKNY jeans and DVF…to name a few.

Curvy Style Icons mentioned clockwise, left to right - Halle Berry, photo courtesy of; Khole Kardashian, photo courtesy of xxx; Christina Hendricks, photo courtesy of xxx; Kim Kardashian photo courtesy of xxx.
Curvy Style Icons mentioned from left to right – Halle Berry, photo courtesy of; Khloe Kardashian, photo courtesy of; Christina Hendricks, photo courtesy of; Kim Kardashian, photo courtesy of

Now do not forget, undergarments that fit properly play a big role here. So get those bra’s properly sized at stores like Nordstrom or Intimacy. Do not be scared of Spanx, they are the wonder garment second to the right fitted bra! Better to walk about with a smooth silhouette, maintain your classy status, my dear. Tailoring adds to that perfect fit as well. Sometimes we have to go a size bigger and tailor it down in order for the garment to fit our frame. Not to mention it makes clothes look more expensive when they truly fit. So your homework is to research and locate a good tailor or two in your area.

I say, do tell yourself, as Maya Angelou taught us in her poem, Phenomenal Woman:
“It’s in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.”
Live life in style! XO, Lysandra
Can you relate? Do you see yourself wearing and loving any of the recommended items above? Maybe you have another recommendation/option for girls with curves. Please post your comments below. If you would like to hear more from me and have not yet signed up, please add your email to the right of this post. I appreciate you!