How To De-Stress On A Saturday

Did you have a seriously stressed out week?

Ready to do it all over again?!

You start of the week with all of these beautiful plans, tasks and thoughts written down, saved on your phone or tablet and voice reminders set up of how your week is going to flow. Then somewhere in there life just kind of takes flight and nothing happens quite the way you ‘planned’ it…Sound familiar? Well as for me, in addition to my crazy-busy-madd-swivel of a day career, I had and have all of these entrepreneurial things to do and blog post ideas to schedule and conceptualize, yet it seems I am not getting to these details and others when I plan on it. As a result this creates more stress and maybe more frustration when all you want to do is perfect your craft, wondering where it will go when you get it perfected, if anywhere, heck if it’s even perfect! Whoa is life…

Let’s face it, life is a beautiful mess and we just roll with it and in the midst try to create our life the best way we know how. With that thought, I let it all go and instead of planning, I frivolously enjoyed my Saturday in whatever direction it took me (luckily with this weather, it is not too hard to do in San Diego). Let go! So here is my Saturday de-stress list:

1. Sleep in or at least take your time waking up.

2. Take a stroll.

3. Hit up a sale. See the pic of two skirts I am loving from Banana Republic. Perfect for work! Picked them both up       for under $55 this weekend! I could not resist!

4. Mani/pedi at The Nail Shop in La Jolla. I always feel like I can conquer the world when my nails are on fleek!

5. Have a late lunch outside. Corner Bakery Cafe is always a good idea! (what can I say, strolling and shopping           makes you hungry)

6. Veg out on Netflix. After all that above, I returned home and watched the movie, ‘Take Care’ which was the first       option that came up on my Netflix, so I went with it. Not to mention I could see myself in a similar situation (I’m         not sure if that’s good or bad). This is a sweet movie, I recommend it.

7. Spend time with a friend. There is nothing like catching up with someone dear to you who also feels the same         way. Especially when they reach out to you, perfect timing. Ahhh…

BR Flare Skirt BR Pencil Skirt PediPic pink nails
Well that completes my blissed out Saturday. How easy was that?! I still haven’t got a damn thing done on my serious To-Do List Haha! (I knew I shouldn’t of had that last mimosa over Easter Brunch!) However, I feel so much better, filled with life and ready to get some things accomplished and set up for the rest of my week! I am doing it all over again and not going to beat myself up.

What do you do over the weekend to regroup from the week before and revitalize for the week ahead??

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Live life in style! XO, Lysandra