That Styled Life

Who are you going to be today?

I have been thinking a lot about fashion and style, how it all relates and why I am so passionate about it. Is it really the industry (because I am really still learning about it), is it how it looks in the movies or the fashion magazines that I love? Is it the people watching or my own personal style? What is it?

I think style is how you live and present yourself in your life which includes the fashionable items you choose to wear to show your sense of being in the world. Stamp your stake on your existence, right. I kept thinking and looking at favorite quotes from a few of my fashion industry faves past and present. As a lover of beauty, I also love words, the affirmations that bring life to our moods. Like words, our wardrobe can be used to make us feel good about being who we are, where we are and brings them to life.


So again, I pose a couple questions from an interview with designer Greg Lauren (and hottie who is also married to Elizabeth Berkeley of Saved by the Bell and yes he is the nephew of Ralph Lauren) that I recently read on I just love by the way, they provide an array of information on the industry! Anyway, the interview noted that Greg asks questions in pondering his designs. I found him interesting. So I pose the same questions he asks, questions that I think I may have always asked myself loosely in my subconscious, without realizing it…”Who do you want to be when you wake up in the morning? and “Why do you wear what you wear?” I find these to be wonderful questions to begin consciously asking my inner fashion diva daily from now on. I challenge you to do the same. Be fun, inquisitive, creative and expressive. This could be a no-brainer for my fellow fashion divas and possibly more difficult for one that does not find fascination in their wardrobe but maybe now you will…or realize you had ‘it’ all along, hey now!


It seems when I dress the way I dress for work, an outing or event, some try to belittle it because they are not into styling themselves as I am. So they have to find a way to make it less important. Saying things like, ” I don’t have time for that in the morning.” or, ‘Where do you shop anyway?” or, “I couldn’t get away with that look.”

My answers are:

You make time for what is important to you. I shop at the same places you do (when you make time for it)…we do live in the same city right? Yes, you could get away with this look if you wear it with confidence, own it honey!


Believe it or not, dressing up for your life is important. Fashion is style, style is life and life is what you make it. I love being styled up because it makes me feel confident and purposeful. My passion is that I want to bring that confidence to others when they do not know how to do it for themselves…through fashion styling and my words. So take a l if you are in San Diego County area or nearby see my ‘Styling’ tab above for personal shopping and/or styling services. If you happen to be further away please take a look at my Keaton Row website, the link is below for a little assistance with styling your life, it’s free to browse and get a little fashion advice from yours truly.


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Live life in style! XO, Lysandra