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Logo via www.wikipedia.org
Logo via http://www.wikipedia.org

Are you a fashion enthusiast, lover of style or a damn good (and expensive) handbag? I have to believe everyone knows of Louis Vuitton in some form or another. As if…

He is the French designer most infamous for the luxury handbags and luggage carried by the elite and celebrity jetsetters. However, Louis Vuitton is well known for his designer clothes as well. The Louis Vuitton name is the luxury brand conglomerate, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH). Yes, they are also owner of the champagne maker Moet Chandon, Hennessey, as well as Christian Dior. Wow, I find that incredibly interesting, who knew. What luxury, power, history and fashion behind these brands! Definitely speaks to the grown, sexy and rich. A few other well known labels also owned by LVMH are Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Emilio Pucci, Celine, Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics, Belvedere Vodka, Dom Perignom, to name a few. To say they are a branding powerhouse does not seem to even cover it.

Photo courtesy of www.popsugar.com
Photo courtesy of http://www.popsugar.com

On a lighter note, I am loving LV’s upcoming Ready to Wear Spring 2015 collection that I happily stumbled upon when looking up the details regarding the exhibit. The line has a 1960s influence with a very modern twist…It is to die for! See pics and links in this post. Only if I could easily afford it or if I were famous enough to have it given to me, be photographed wearing it, making all the ‘regular’ women swoon to the stores to purchase. Ahh that life!

See Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 Collection Fashion Show

Photo courtesy of www.popsugar.com
Photo courtesy of http://www.popsugar.com
Photo courtesy of www.popsugar.com
Photo courtesy of http://www.popsugar.com

See Louis Vuitton Spring Collection Photos

Well I am a celebrity in my own life and it is a stage for living, learning and experimenting in style! On that note, fashion enthusiast or not, I recommend you go and check out the LV Series 2 Exhibit currently showing for free in Hollywood, off Highland Ave. The exhibit showcases a brief history of Louie Vuitton, video images, bags and luggage pieces from his line past and present. So LA!

The exhibit shows until Sunday, February 22, 2015 so if you are nearby, this is the last weekend.

Check. It. Out.

By the way….I want this bag! Salivating…


In conclusion, a few personal photos taken while I was at the exhibit this past weekend…


LV2 streetSign


Have you seen this particular exhibit or anything along the same lines lately that speaks to you and your interests? How does it make you feel to take time to do these sorts of things? Feed your soul? Excite you? Creative juices flowing? Or maybe the opposite? I would love to know!

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Live life in style!

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