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Weekend Chic? Pack Your Essentials

Does getting away for a weekend or longer, (although probably much needed) get you nerve racked when thinking of packing the perfect outfits? You have to think about what you absolutely must have with you while away to maintain that effortlessly-put-togetha-even when-away-from-the-homefront look.

I am getting away for the three day weekend. Going back to Los Angeles! Woohoo! It got me thinking what I really must have to essentially feel chic and decided to talk about it…

1. Concealer – The one here is from NYX. It works like a charm to keep me looking awake and well rested after that drive to LA from San Diego followed by a day of running around LA.

2. Mascara – The brand pictured here is from Benefit, called They’re Real. This stuff is magic for eyelashes! Luckily mine are already naturally pretty long but it really makes them POP naturally! Bright-eyed girl!

3. Liptick – This one on the picture board is called Sin from Mac. My signature fall lip! I like mine to pop so I enjoy the color that comes from lipstick rather than lipgloss.

4. Poncho – The one here is from Free People. Always carry a chic poncho for those chilly SoCal evenings.

5. Boyfriend Jeans – You can dress them up or dress them down, mix, match and wear them 2 days in a row and no one knows the better! Not that I am saying you should but hey, sometimes it be like that. BF jeans are definitely an easy weekend getaway piece to throw in your bag and wear over and over and ultimately pair with anything.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.
A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

6. LBD – The Little Black Dress of course. Why? Because you never know what kind of invite you may get while away! This one is a leather strapless number of mine by ASTR from Nordstorms. Perfect if something should come up. Be prepared! YOLO!!

7. Starbucks Coffee – For the coffee addict of course. Get the app and pre-load up!

8. Sunglasses – The pair I have on here are from Kate Spade, purchased for $34 at the outlet in Cabazon. I do not leave the house without my sunnies.

9. Camera – I am so much more alert when I get away, out of my comfort zone, even if for a day. I need a camera to capture my in tune and creative moments. Get one with wifi, it is the bestest!

So what are your weekend getaway essentials? Do tell!  Any of the items I have listed here resonate with you? Leave your comments below and tell me about it.  If you like to hear what I have to share please sign up to receive emails from me.

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra


4 thoughts on “Weekend Chic? Pack Your Essentials Leave a comment

  1. Mmm, Starbucks — don’t leave home without it! Or without stopping at one on the way! My weekend essentials include two pairs of shoes — one pair of super comfy walking shoes, and another pair purely for looks. I learned that the hard way — hubby took me to Niagara Falls for a long weekend a few years back, and we did tons of walking! Too bad I only had my cute shoes with me :-/.


    • I hear you Megan! The right (or wrong) shoes can make or break you! Having multiple are definitely essential to enjoying our time away. If our feet don’t like it we don’t like it.


    • I tend to take a little more than necessary myself Kat. I think it’s okay in moderation. Just ensure to take your must have items then pack around those.


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