Recap: School of Style

I am in love with my life right now…Why?

Because I am working my career while hustling toward my passion.

One of the bigger steps in the direction of my flow was last week’s experience at the School of Style in Los Angeles, California. So of course I had to blog about it!

I wanted to recap and record my experience at the Stylist Certification course they held at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood. It was nothing short of awesome, exhilarating, stressful (who knew) and well, really real. It is not all glam and glitz, that fashion styling world but I am not one to be scared of a little hard work (picture it, Navy boot camp…1995). So it seems I am still in! I just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed the week, the real life mock experience in styling Blake Lively, photographed by Annie Leboivitz for Vanity Fair. I met some really great future up-and-coming stylists who I plan to keep in contact with because I know they are driven and will do great things. I can’t wait to see!

We were also provided instruction from guest celebrity stylist Sam Saboura, host of TLC’s Something Borrowed Something New. He gave us  some really great real life tips on styling for magazine, TV and different body types. Not to mention dropped some knowledge on how he made it, tips and tricks and some oh so juicy insider stylist gossip (minor). Lol! Too fun! I can see that he is really a great connection to have, not to mention a great person and passionate about his career and sharing of the knowledge.

So now, I am drooling over the first email of the many we will continue to receive in regards to internships and assistant help solicited by celebrity stylists who seek out graduates from the School of Style. I’m not able to take the opportunity YET but I will continue to work my personal styling hustle and do intern gigs on my vacation time. I am taking on the mantra that all will happen as it should as long as I keep taking steps in the direction of my passion for fashion, writing and living a creative life. I must remain open to receiving it without expecting it to look a certain way, as long as if feels good and right with me. I am finding the beauty in the want and desire, accepting where I am right now, which hey, ain’t too damn bad! I am able to support my daily life AND my side hustle, that’s hot!


I am re-doing business cards, beefing up my blog/website with more categories and information, brainstorming for styling test shoots and will begin drumming up clientele that I can style in person and virtually for the styling company, Keaton Row. I am not kidding when I say they offer a great selection! I’m so excited for what is now, for what is to come and I look forward to the Menswear Styling class in April and the Fashion Editorial class in May!

Luke Storey, Lauren Messiah and Chelsea Arcos thank you for your invaluable instruction, feedback, and support!

See all my awesome pics below telling the story of my week in Los Angeles at School of Style.

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

I am rehanging the clothes.


Quixote Studios in West Hollywood
1st day of class.
My SOS Badge.
My diploma.
Popping bottles and goodies at the graduation ceremony.
SOS jewelry display.
SOS Kit that any stylist should have at all times and the Little Black Book of stores all over the U.S.
Finishing up my presentation.
Starting my presention discussing my ‘hero’ look.
Proof of my trip to Western Costume. All the supplies you need!