Leather Weather

I mean how many leather jackets does one need?

I have a few ‘healthy’ obsessions, especially when it pertains to my clothes and sense of style, leather jackets being one of them. I think I have at least 8 of them in my closet right now! By the way, I am closet editing today but that is a whole other discussion…and possible blog post. : )

I remember and still have my first leather coat obsession.

I wanted one to feel like the Fonz…Yes, from Happy Days. Lame maybe but I was a kid! So anyway yes, the classic leather jacket that I picked out when I was about sixteen or seventeen around Christmas time at this store located at the Cabazon Outlets just outside of my hometown, Palm Springs, Ca. My mom gave me a gift certificate and I went back on my own to pick it out. It was so big on me at the time but I had to have it (and still do)! Who says we don’t know what we want from a young age?! To this day, I have quite a few and have gotten rid of a few leather coats along the way. I still mostly love the moto version and have a few colors from black, brown, white, fuschia…white and pink. I feel like I am on a steady search for the ‘right’ one and the next one is always (so it seems) a step better in some way than the last. It can be difficult in this So. Cal climate to wear leather often, so finding that right amount of not too heavy not to light while still loving it can be a struggle as well. Whoa is life, right. Ha!

So based on that and the fact that it is the perfect leather jacket weather in most parts of the U.S, here are a few leather coats I find inspiring! Maybe you will find at least one in the group that inspires you!

Photo courtesy of Polyvore.com
Photo courtesy of Polyvore.com

So about these….We have the fringe leather jacket from Mango which has the boho chic with edge factor. Pink Leather seems very on trend for the last couple, if not a few fall/winter seasons. As they say, pink is the new black, yet offering a much softer effect. I have the pink moto version here and then I have the pink leather blazer which is a blazer with an edge, offering pizazz to your work outfit. The Bolero leather jacket is my fave and I have been seeking them out to find the right one. I think the Rennee leather jacket shown here from Net-a-Porter may be it! I have two versions  of a bolero shown here, one (the Rennee) I think is more refined and the other from Mango is more chill yet on trend. I swear I have noticed a lot of the Nordstrom retail girls wearing one very similar lately (because I am always there!). Last but not least the grey leather jacket is a relief from the usual black yet you still can wear it with just about everything! I love the color and grommet detailing along the cuffs on this one.

See the Polyvore link below the photo to see details and pricing.

Healthy or not, extreme or not so extreme….do you have any fashion obsessions? Do tell! Post your comments below. If you like what I have to share and tell, please follow by adding your email in the box to the left of this post.

Photo courtesy of virginmedia.com
Photo courtesy of virginmedia.com

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra