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Working It!

It is not the what but the who!…Who inspires me?

My grandmother, my mother, my sisters, my cousins, my aunts, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Diane Von Furstenburg, Marie Forleo, Danielle Laporte, all those womanpreneurs, stay at home moms, working moms and single working women. We all have a story that inspires each other to move forward in creating a life that we love every day in small and large ways. They all inspire me on what I could do, want to do, will do and maybe even on what not to do.

I am recently most inspired by Ivanka Trump’s #WomenWhoWork and her website,, a new initiative celebrating, guess who?! Yes, you got it, all women who work and their personal lives. I first noticed it via a tweet on Twitter sent Donald Trump on November 18, 2014 posting the youtube video link (which is on the website). I have wanted to do a blog post about it since then. Finally, I am doing it. On her website, Ivanka invites women to join the conversation and do a video stating who they are as in your extended job title, your name and then your actual job title.

So here is my part of the ‘conversation’ on women who work. However, I am not doing a video, which would be too fun, I’m not quite ready to make that leap but soon. So I am just writing about it, simple, no frills.

I am Lysandra Leary, a WoMan that works in life as a daughter, sister, aunt, friend and servant leader. I work hard too play hard and not mad at it. Learning daily to be more loving, be the light and give more. I am working to build my dreams into reality to create a bigger life that that entails creating a better life for others through styling, beautifying and through communicating life stuff through my eyes on this blog. I am a Supervisory Veteran Service Representative for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

With the new year it is time to really get real about who I am, who I want to be, believe in myself and my abilities, enjoy the ride and hardest of all (for me) is to be patient yet persistent through it all because Rome was not built in a day! I just wonder, why not?! lol

…Hmmm, I may just have my future blog post!

So, you better work! (With a neckroll and hand snap, in my RuPaul voice that isn’t).

Happy New Year!

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

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  1. POW! I hear that and this just motivated me that much more. I love this and those that you’re inspired by are very strong women with powerful voices. That manifesto is awesome (love your job too). 😉


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