Here’s The Skinny

Here are the skinny versus fat controversial thoughts of a fashionista blogger…

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I admit it I’ve gained some extra pounds of love recently. So being a blogger and wanting to explore my passion for fashion and styling as a new career and life path, the weight gain is daunting, no haunting me. So I guess I am in controversy with me, myself and I versus the imagined image that a fashion and lifestyle blogger trying to gain her props should be a skinny mini. Hmm… If it weren’t for stigma on weight, let alone weight in the fashion industry I probably would not even be thinking twice about it. Yes I know I need to be healthy but does healthy define skinny? Does skinny define a fashion blogger?

“…none of it looks how we tell ourselves it’s “supposed to” and there is no final stop on this ride.” Liz DiAlto

I read an article yesterday by  saying when you want it you will have it. I read another article by Liz DiAlto of Wild Soul Movement discussing that fat is not prettier than ugly and vice versa. It is about how we feel about ourself.

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So is there really a dilemma…a real woman with a real life rocking real woman weight. I’m not young skinny and bushy-tailed but I am bright eyed, I am sexy, vibrant, voluptuous and based on my Louisiana genes, apparently meant to have some meat on my bones. So be it. Approved! All happens as it should be and it will change as everything does. Enjoy the journey, as we all should in pursuing and changing our struggles to desires to reality. The article, ‘Why You Don’t Get What You Want,’ she says:

“When the intensity of your desire plus the intensity of the energy you direct toward achieving it is greater than the intensity of resistance, you will fulfill your desire.”

Not to mention there are some beautiful curvy and plus size bloggers I am following over the last few months. Oh how they are rocking the fashion blogger scene, individually carrying serious style. Check out their websites when you have a chance!

Do you notice any internal controversial struggles you have toward being a blogger in your chosen field, day career, or otherwise that you think you should be but aren’t? Do tell…

Xo, Lysandra