Champagne Taste: How to Treat Yourself Without Going For Broke

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Do you often experience Dom Perignon taste on a Martini & Rossi budget? Hey I get it, it pays to save, have balance, afford what you really want and ignore what you can do without in order to live life in style, right? Right.  I have this article from Glamour magazine’s March 2012 issue still on the side of my fridge as a reminder that life is all about treating yourself like an A-lister so I decided to embellish on that. I was thinking of some ways to do YOU, live and love your life A-lister style without going for broke (although that occasional splurge is quite okay, I totally understand). Sound like a plan? Sh-t yeah!!

Jet Set, Go!

Like to travel in style but not exactly celebrity status….Fret not, how about trying websites like I have yet to book a room (or house) with them but the selections on the site are impressive. I am looking to book a stay-cation right off the beach one day for kicks and get an idea of how I like the process and accomodations. Another option that can be hard for us like-to-be-alone types, but staying with friends or family is very cost effective (duh!) and can be an experience in getting to know them better and explore like a local. Without the stress of hotel costs and extra fees, this is a priceless option to get away from home and see something new. Another jewel of an option for Active Duty and Veterans (because I am one) is which stands for In Honor of Our Troops. I found out about this through a close friend and oh my what a find it is, only requires a $75 deposit for military or $100 for Veterans to stay in a location of your choice, availability is required of course for the requested dates. They have a list of over 80 options in the U.S. and Mexico. I cannot wait to finally check out one of their locations. Also, stick to purchasing plane tickets from the same airlines whenever possible for those frequent flyer miles, they add up to something sooner or later!

Hair Maintenance Can Be A Bear

How I keep it stylish yet do-able in the beauty department. Well I dabble between doing it myself when I want to add color and getting my hair cut at Supercuts, hey don’t judge me, they have good hair stylists, and everyone has to start somewhere. They are quick, easy, low cost and I can pop in when I feel the need, no appointment necessary. Unless you want specific expertise like coloring or extensions give them a try. Another option are the local beauty schools. One in particular that I have went to several times is the Paul Mitchell School here in downtown San Diego. I have not been to them in quite awhile but it is worth the experience for the price point. You will have to make an appointment and it does take some time since they are students in training. The instructors are readily available to talk the students through the process. They do the usual hair care requests to include color and cuts. Of course they use Paul Mitchell products (so does Supercuts) which I love for my hair and I use them faithfully.

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Beauty is Work That Cannot Be Neglected

What I do is I buy make up at CVS or MAC. Why? I purchase the ones I use the least at CVS and what I use the most, I purchase at MAC or at my go-to spa, Envious Skin in San Diego which carries a skin conscious make-up line named TRUE Cosmetics and Epicuren is their preferred skincare line. I looove these products! You probably should not skimp too much when it comes to your skin and facial care but you do have to find what works for you, so experiment. If you find that some of the lower budget brands work for you, do it! Save that dough! lol. LivingSocial has a lot of deals for skin care from facials to laser skin care. This is definitely a way to find what is best in your area for you without breaking your bank account unnecessarily.

Shopping Time

I will keep it simple here and just list a few stores I like to shop at regularly or maybe here and there to see if they have something good or when I am out of town since some of these are not local for me. I think all of these listed allow for easy discount shopping, sale or nor sale you can find your price bracket (up or down) here.

TJMaxx, ASOS, Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, Homegoods, Target, Ikea, CB2, H&M and H&M Home, Zara and Zara Home.

These are all some great stores where I have found some are my most treasured items such as a favorite blouse from Nordstrom Rack or a unique side table from Homegoods. Even when you are on a mission for that perfect outfit or home decor item. Remember it is a process and have fun with this! It does not always have to be expensive. You can choose high and low pieces for your wardrobe and home. Just know when you buy it you love it and that is what counts most. I would like to add if just looking for an experience without outcome in mind, street fairs, swapmeets, farmer’s markets, garage and estate sales are always an enjoyable escape to hunt for something unexpected or just enjoy ‘window’ shopping.

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No Cost Activities with Style

I suggest the beach if you are lucky like me to live in a beach city, if not, sorry. Maybe the local pool or even better the pool at one of the hottest hotels in your area, especially when they have events during the summer. I also find cool discount deals on Travel Zoo for local hotel pools that have bars and/or restaurants attached. Something to try on a low key weekend that is easy and not a lot of effort in planning nor budgeting.

Foodie For Fun and On A Budget!

Food trucks are all the rave these days and there are some imaginitive options out there that do not cost as much as sit down restaurants but just as good. Even better it is a non-traditional experience! Depending on when and where maybe make a picnic out of it and have lunch or dinner on the grass, a picnic table or the beach nearby. San Diego has a food truck website where we can find out where they are located and when on any given day. So maybe your area has one as well. I am a raving fan of Happy Hours and Taco Tuesdays, another fun and social way to save on food without lacking in the ambiance. Check your local magazine for local options as well.

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Day to Day Goodies

Last but not least, we want to feel good about our lives on a regular and recurring basis not just moments when we are planning to go out or when we have to plan how we want to look on the outside. We want to feel good on the inside all the time. Some ways I treat myself like the celebrity in my life is simple fake outs like putting my water in a carafe and whenever I go to the fridge, pouring it from a carafe into a nice glass and adding lime or fruit feels so ritzy and zen. Listening to music and channeling my inner Sasha Fierce after waking up in the morning sometimes instead of listening to CNN every morning can put some pep into the start of my day. Once a week (ok maybe more than once some weeks) I indulge myself to Yogurtland after work and just sit outside while I eat it, mmmm. Instead of buying, just take pics of items or things that I see in a store or while on a stroll that I like and/or make me feel some kinda way. This can be better than buying. Read motivational quotes or maybe even random biblical scriptures often if not daily, they always make me smile and see that I really can’t complain…

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Hopefully you now all about feeling a little full of yourself, if not a lot. You deserve it, know it. So please share and tell me how do you treat yourself as the A-lister in your life? Maybe I could use a few of your tips.


Live life in style.

XO, Lysandra