Society Rules Or More Like…Society Rules?

U don’t have to be one half of a couple to be living your best life.

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I find that society has made being single into being slightly weird. Especially if single after a certain age. I almost feel protected from that stigma because I was in fact married for 11 years and make sure I mention it if they start going there… “Still single, what’s wrong with you?” Why do I have to feel put in an awkward position? I guess that I don’t yet I do. Some people have a way of making you feel like the awkward guest if you don’t have a baby and a man as an accessory to the party. In reality maybe they are settling their own insecurities through hating on your life and may not even realize it. You think? Yes? No? I often really do. I hope I am not coming off angry, jealous or blame filled because I am definitely not but if I am speaking of my vulnerability as the feel good blog challenge requested, then hey I am going to be (a little) emo on the subject, am I right? Can I get an amen! Hehe! Got to laugh at yourself because life is meant to laughed about.

Vulnerable smurnerable, I don’t like it but the fact that I am vulnerable in areas of my life is really real. Howeverrr, it does not, will not be the bain of my existence. I am nin the midst of reading Micheal Baisden’s, ‘Raise Your Hand If You Have Issues’ and another by Greg Behrendt & Amira Ruotola called, ‘It’s Just An Effing Date.”  I saw him and his wife on Oprah’s Lifeclass, (serious Aha moments that night!! with follow up actions toward improvement). I also follow Matthew Hussey, dating coach from Get the Guy and I can really relate and take in what he has to say. These are people speaking helpful truth, encouragement and providing healthy tips to being a queen, living happily and to the fullest as a single and actively dating WOman, a person, living life in style. Hell yesss.

What hits an emotional funny bone for you? Is it something you can find humor within? Value? Motivation? Please share.

XO, Lysandra