Is Your Glass Half Empty Today? You Are One Inspiration Away From Filling It Up!

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” -Oscar de la Renta

I want to write something that inspires today… Inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings are always so inspirational and fun to me. With just a few simple words they quickly provide aha moments, turn my frown upside down, shed light on a current dilemma, improve a bad day or a so-called bad life into a positive situation of growth and new found opportunity.

Since I have a passion for fashion and style I thought I would use a fashion quote that I find inspiring. I literally stumbled on this one by Oscar de la Renta and found it perfect in what I want to speak of, the power of being yourself, finding power in that and reveling in it. Unfortunately the fashion icon died yesterday of cancer at 82 years old, may he rest in peace.

I guess this topic felt right because in the last month I have really kind of retreated into being with self. I am not even sure I realized it until this very moment in typing this post but in that I realize the sequence of events really enlighten me to the very fact.

What did I do you ask?!

I got a tattoo of the word ‘Free’ in cursive, ending with a bird on the top of my foot. I took a trip to the island of Oahu in Hawaii and instead of traipsing around the island on excursion after excursion as I usually would do, I just wanted to ‘be’ and be is what I did, if felt perfect. I cut all the lingering men in my life off. lol….TMI? I instated my core desired feelings for how I want my life to look and fee. Lastly, within days of my return home from Hawaii, I stumbled upon this feel good blog challenge. Voila! Things come into your life just as they are should to don’t they!

Walking Turtle Bay in Oahu, Hawaii.
Walking Turtle Bay in Oahu, Hawaii.
My newest tat. I guess I should be done getting these.
My newest tat. I guess I should be done getting these.
Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) Centered*Present*Connected*Blissful*Bodacious...
Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) Centered*Present*Connected*Blissful*Bodacious…
Feel Good Blogging Post (Instagram)

I’m doing in all in the style of being myself. Not bad if I say so myself and I do. You know when you need to come back to self, center and regroup without even really thinking about it. It is a soulful craving, a need.

Now! You do not have to be as dramatic as I but if I could suggest a few possible options to get it started when you are in need of some self-lovin:

1. Dance around (in the privacy of your home of course) naked. Loosen up with a bang!

2. Meditate. It is kinda cool and you don’t have to be all yogi. Try it, just sit 5 minutes. See your thoughts, do not judge them but rather let them go, bring your mind back to your breath…It is calming if calm is what you need.

3. Go for a walk or take it further with a hike. Focus on the scenery, the environment, be in the moment and not in your head.

4. A night out (or in) with your girls or guys. Whatever this looks like for you, enjoy it. Hit the club or a lounge or just have dinner if going out. If you are in for the night maybe have wine and watch a chick flick or have a beer and watch the game. Or just talk, stimulate the mind.

5. Call or visit a friend you have not seen or spoke to in awhile. One of those friends that no matter how long time goes by, its like no time has passed when you talk them. It’s exhilarating and brings you back to your heart without over thinking it. I am always all smiles when I speak to an old and true friends.

6. Get your hair done a facial or a simple manicure and pedicure to feel put togetha! Heck get all three, spoil yourself. You do deserve it! Guys this applies to you too if you are into this sort of thing. ; )


What inspires you? How do you inspire others?

XO, Lysandra