Key Ingredients for Hot Girl Summer Skin

Summer is a time to have fun, go with the flow and live easy & breezy. Not everyone wants to think about a 10 step skincare routine during the Summer (or maybe in general for that matter). However, you still want to go through and come out of Summer with great skin until the not so dreamy life of Fall and Winter come calling. So, here’s a list of key ingredients and popular examples of those ingredients that can keep you good until we get back to ‘normal life’ again.

“Every person should learn to be their own skincare expert” — Bobbi Brown

VITAMIN C – lightens, brightens & tightens the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation. (Ex. DERMALOGICA BIOLUMIN-C)

NIACINAMIDE – smooths and evens out skin texture and tone, diminshes blemishes. Do not use
simultaneously with Vit C. (Ex. TOPICALS FADED CREAM)

PEPTIDES – (think Botox) tightens, firms and improves elasticity, relaxes facial muscles. (Ex. THE

HYALURONIC ACID – NOT AN ACID. This mimics natural water moisture in the skin, usually in serum form alone or with other ingredients. (Ex. DR.BARBARA STURM HYALURONIC SERUM)

PROBIOTIC – from yogurt, lactococcus ferment lysate, good for blemish prone skin, builds up skin
moisture barrier, improves clarity, look and feel of the skin. (Ex. BIOSSANCE SQUALANE + PROBIOTIC GEL MOISTURIZER)

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If you must exfoliate, keep it gentle with these products and go harder with deeper exfoliation products and more often in the mid-Fall and Winter months.

SALICYLIC ACID – (Beta Hydroxy ACID (BHA)) – Best for acneic skin. Derived from willow bark. Oily loving, so cleans out pores by going deeper to remove excess oil. (Ex. PAULA’S CHOICE SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA LIQUID EXFOLIANT)

LACTIC ACID (AHA) – derived from milk so a moisturizing chemical exfoliant of the top layer of skin, not as deep as Glycolic. (Ex. GOOD GENES BY SUNDAY RILEY)

MANDELIC ACID (AHA) – derived from almonds, gentle chemical exfoliant great for ethnic skin. (Ex.

Detoxing Masks that I suggest for cleaning out and shrinking pores and help the skin breathe in these dry, hot or humid Summer months.

Caudalie Vinergetic C+

Fenty Cookies n Clean

Here’s to love, peace and great hot girl Summer skin!!

XO, Lysandra Joy