A Few Best Sellers in Skincare Worth a Try

Just talking a few best sellers in skincare that are worth a try (if you haven’t already).

La Mer, Yes, La Mer, it is expensive, to put it lightly, but I’ve found that it’s truly worth all the hype! The critical ingredient is miracle broth which smooths the skin’s texture and evens out the tone, blurring fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention it just feels oh so good, just luxurious and immediately hydrating. Creme de La Mer is their signature moisturizing cream, best for dry skin. However, La Mer has categories of creams for each skin type, from thick to gel-like, to a thinner lotion instead of creamy consistency suited for combination and oilier skin types. All of the creams feel just a luxe and perform as well as the original. I love these products from La Mer: 1. Renewal Body Oil Balm cause I love balmy, oily, creamy body-loving stuff. I’m all about a good eye serum, so the 2. Eye Balm Intense helps with puffiness and softens the eye areas, fine lines, wrinkles, and any signs of fatigue. It is not quite a balm but not a cream, and this works for me personally since I’m more into serums or gels for the eyes. 3. Of course, I love the Moisturizing Soft Cream just for all-over moisture seal and hydration.

Photo courtesy of Sephora.com

Biossance because it’s clean, conscious, and pretty good to my skin. This brand is only at Sephora or online at their website of the same name. The critical ingredient is squalene, which is derived from sugarcane and is very hydrating. It is in every product. This line is suitable for all skin tones and types; however, it is great for maturing skin. Although you have to try it to know how it works personally. Not to mention, Reese Witherspoon is their ambassador. If she can get behind it, then I can definitely recommend it. My faves from Biossance are the: 1. Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum is their latest product. I apply this one during the day and sometimes at night, but definite benefits come from seeing results during the day. Hydrating the skin, minimizing fine lines, plumping, and firming. Pair it with the 2. Squalene Omega Repair Cream to seal the deal. I love the 3. Squalene oil as well; I can always get behind a good fat. I use it more for my décolletage and body but also sparingly on my face at night.

“Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum is hydrating for the skin, minimizing fine lines, plumping, and firming.”

Last but not least is Fenty Beauty, and no, not just because of Rihanna, but because it is excellent for those that want a no-nonsense approach to taking care of your skin. It is a great addition to prepping your skin prior to Fenty makeup or any makeup for that matter. This line can work for anyone’s skin type and color. Hence, it is a globally sourced, clean, and conscious beauty brand, the refills. So I feel good recommending it to newbies, minimalists, and those well versed in their skincare but want to try something new or black-owned. Plus, they have sets that are easy to gift. The facial products are pretty hydrating. The cleanser has vitamin c (from Barbados cherry), green tea, Ginkgo Biloba, fig, and quince as crucial ingredients. The toner has niacinamide to even out skin texture and tone. The moisturizer doubles as an SPF with physical sunscreen ingredients. I have yet to fully commit to the facial line, but I’m honestly really digging the body care products by Fenty! The body scrub, Buff Ryder, the body butter, called Butta Drop, and the hand mask called Hydra’ Reset Intensive Recovery Glycerin Hand Mask. I’ll take all of it! Doesn’t it scream for a nighttime post-shower ritual? It’s just such a yummy combo! Spa night in, anyone?!

Photo courtesy of FentyBeauty.com

Have you tried any one or all of these? Let me know what you think.


Lysandra Joy