Nothing Better Than a Bold Lip!

“She was a girl who wore dark lipstick and did not have to speak a word to seduce you.” ~Stephen F. Campbell

Happy National Lipstick Day!


I’m talking about how to apply the perfect pout! Lips are an important aspect of the face. I mean we do use them to communicate and express ourselves verbally and otherwise so people are looking at them often. Zoom call anyone?!

Video courtesy of my personal video.

A properly applied lipstick can do wonders for your self perspective, personal life and business relations.

First of all, moist lips are key. I always apply moisturizer to my clients when I began to apply make-up. Lips are typically the last step in a total make up application, therefore pulling the look together. So I leave the balm on the lips until the end. Once I get to the lips, they are plump and moist. I have the client blot off the balm leaving a smooth canvas for easy application of the lip liner and lipstick or gloss. I do the same when doing my own make up, ensuring I take a moment to moisturize my lips before working on my face.

Before the hydration though, you need smooth lips so use a lip scrub of your fancy or a facial scrub and put a little on the lips to slough off dry skin. Follow up with a nice luxe prep like the Counter+ Lotus Cleansing Balm if you have the time to use it as a mask in the morning or do it as an overnight mask and smother your lips in it as well! You’ll wake up with a pucker worthy pout envied by all. Otherwise, another option is Epicuren Anti-Aging Lip Balm with SPF15 which I love an use it at the end of a facial in my treatment room, or because I am lip balm obsessed, I also currently have Smith’s Rosebud Minted Rose Lip Balm trending in my makeup bag or on my bathroom counter for a post-shower or mid-day lip lather. However if you have your own lip care staple, use it. Anything that has hydrating/moisturizing properties and feels good to you while working those lips to hydration day and night will do. Otherwise, applying lip liner and lipstick to dry lips leaves a patchy, uneven application and it is just no bueno.

Okay! Now that your lips are exfoliated, hydrated and moistened with the excess balm blotted off, time to apply the liner and lipstick. Get your items out and ready for application.

  1. Use lip liner similar in color to the lipstick. To ensure a sharp and precise line, sharpen the pencil prior to use.
  2. If using a lip liner that is slightly darker or lighter than the lipstick, use a lip brush to blend the lipstick into the liner to create a cohesive lip color. Playing with lip liner and lipstick in varying tones can be interesting in seeing the different shades as well as how it changes the appearance of your lip to look bigger or smaller based on the lighter or darker shades.
  3. Relax your mouth and line the upper lip into the shape of your lips, or create the shape that you desire. Most of us have a cupid’s bow (the dip in the middle of your upper lip). Define this by starting in the middle of the upper lip and go outward to the corner. Do this on each side.
  4. Line the bottom lip by starting at the corner toward the middle of the lip on one side and repeat the same on the other side of the lower lip.
  5. Apply your lipstick in the same way as discussed above for the liner application. Use the lipstick itself or use a lip brush that will allow more control of the amount of color applied and precision to your lip itself.
  6. Once applied, look in the mirror at the entire face, see if any enhancements are needed after your lipstick is applied (i.e. maybe add more or less blush to finish the look).

Make sure you exfoliate your lips often. When cleansing and exfoliating your face, do not forget your lips. They need some love to remain smooth, flake and crack free. There you have it. The perfect looking lips!

If you want to change your mood, change your lip color. One change on your face can make a big difference, like day and night!

Love, Peace and Beauty! XO, Lysandra

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